Custom Bathroom Partitions

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Partitions offer safety and privacy for clients and customers who use your restroom. The cleanliness and aesthetic of your bathroom reflect the trustworthiness of your company. Show your clients the quality of your business with custom bathroom partitions. The materials, colors and layout of your dividers will enhance the appealing atmosphere of your commercial building.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of partition materials, some design tips and the steps necessary to install your custom restroom partitions.

Custom Bathroom Partition Materials

Before you order your restroom dividers, explore the material options available for your selection. As you learn about the various qualities of each type, consider these factors:

  • Cost
  • Accommodation of foot traffic
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Appearance

Here is a list of the high-quality toilet divider materials we offer:

1. Powder-Coated Steel

Powder-coated steel is an affordable material for restroom partitions that is popular due to its lightweight construction. Manufacturers use 22-gauge galvanized steel, bonded with a non-toxic adhesive onto a honeycomb core. The core acts as a sound barrier and provides a sturdy, reliable divider.

Along with the frame, the robust screws and fasteners protect your dividers against vandalism. To finish off the basic appearance, the manufacturer coats the frame with high-quality powder. Design your partitions with your choice of fifteen color options.

2. Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate toilet dividers feature vertical-grade laminate that sticks to the particleboard core while under high pressure. This one-inch-thick material is an economical, commercial-grade option for your business.

The laminate includes a matte finish that wraps around the edges to protect against moisture and vandalism. With easy-to-install shoes, you can hold your laminate pilasters in place without the need to drill holes. Along with its durability and ease of installation, plastic laminate dividers are also versatile in design, offering forty-eight colors for your selection.

3. Solid Plastic

Solid plastic is a durable, low-maintenance divider material for high-traffic restrooms. These American-made restroom dividers feature dense material that can withstand moisture and vandalism. Your bathroom will also benefit from its fire safety qualities.

Robust stainless-steel pilaster shoes keep your partitions standing without holes in the pillars. The wraparound hinges are also made from heavy-duty aluminum to provide even more durability. Complete your long-lasting solid plastic dividers with your choice of sixteen color options, including burgundy and gray.

4. Phenolic

Phenolic contains multiple layers of paper, which bond together with resin under high pressure to produce a rigid, durable compound. Bathroom partitions made from this heavy-duty material will withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic. Choose one of thirteen colors to style your phenolic restroom dividers.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel restroom partitions are aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance. Their popularity is due to their luxurious appearance and versatility. These dividers are also resistant to corrosion and force damage.

If you want to demonstrate a sleek, clean reputation for your business, install stainless steel dividers in any sized bathroom. The luster of stainless steel has a natural elegance that doesn’t need another color.

Bathroom Design

While you’re ordering new partitions, consider remodeling the whole restroom. The design of this space will help you choose a color, material and size for your dividers. For inspiration on the essential elements of your bathroom remodeling project, here are some strategies:

  • Add light fixtures to make the bathroom warm and inviting.
  • Only make structural changes to the restroom if there are legitimate issues with the layout.
  • Install enough windows and exhaust fans to reduce the spread of mold and odor.
  • To keep cleaning products out of view, invest in decorative storage units that complement the theme of your restroom.

Consult with the partition manufacturing company if you need help designing your bathroom. Use our online partition design program to get ideas for your restroom remodeling project. Choose your desired material for your dividers, then upload the layout of your bathroom. We will use this information to help you create an attractive space for your customers.

Our pricing tool is another online program that can assist you with recreating your commercial bathroom. To use this pricing tool:

  • Enter the number of toilets and privacy screens: How many toilets are in your bathroom? You’ll also need to decide how many privacy screens and panels you’ll need. After you enter this information on our pricing tool, you’ll see an overhead view of the floor plan.
  • Select a bathroom layout: Design the floor plan of your restroom based on the requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and the comfort of your patrons. You can filter ADA and non-ADA options to find an option that accommodates your business. Position your toilet and divider to allow enough space for your customers to feel comfortable using the bathroom.
  • Enter the measurements of your restroom: Type in your total desired partition depth, along with the depth and width of each one. You also need to measure the opening, swing and position of your doors.
  • Add more rooms as needed: If your commercial building has more than one restroom area, you could design the specifications of the other spaces. Otherwise, you can submit your request for a free quote from our team.

Installing Custom Bathroom Partitions

The method in which you set up your restroom partitions depends on the material you’ve chosen. Watch the video tutorial that provides information about your type of divider. In general, here are the steps for installing your custom bathroom partitions:

  1. When you install brackets, panels or supports, mark the correct hardware position on the floor.
  2. Drill the holes for the floor brackets, removing dust and debris to ensure the screws have a tight grip.
  3. With the threaded side facing up, put your anchors into the floor. Screw a nut loosely into each side and tighten the nuts with a wrench.
  4. Using the brackets themselves as guides, create holes in the walls to install the brackets.
  5. Place two adjustable supports twelve inches off the floor to position the panels at the right angle with minimal effort.
  6. Position the U or L-type pilaster-to-panel brackets to hold the panels in place.
  7. Mount pilasters onto the floor anchors, ensuring that the panels are level before tightening all loose ends.
  8. If your configuration involves rear or front headrails, fasten the headrails to each wall and then to each other.
  9. Organize your inswing or outswing hinges by left-handed or right-handed orientation to put your doors in place.
  10. Complete the installation of your divider by sliding on the shoes and support brackets.

Choose One Point Partitions for Your Custom Restroom Dividers

One Point Partitions is your trusted restroom partition provider. We offer quality custom bathroom partitions for commercial buildings all over the country. Contact us today to discuss divider options for your business. Fill out a contact form, or call 800-756-6817 today.

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