Custom Bathroom Partitions

Last updated on February 21st, 2019 at 02:07 pm

Custom Bathroom Partitions

Creating a new commercial bathroom space or revamping an existing layout to make it more appealing and attractive? Including quality bathroom stalls and partitions from One Point Partitions is the easy and affordable way to guarantee success. We’re the online leader in durable and stylish bathroom partitions and offer custom bathroom dividers that can adapt to any space, large or small.

You can choose from five different finishes, depending on your style preference:

Choose the material you like in a wide range of style choices that matches the appearance you’re going for. Keep it simple and clean for public buildings and facilities or go for cool and modern for restaurants and bars. You can also match your custom bathroom partitions to complement the colors and appearance of your business and enhance your branding.

The quality and cleanliness of your bathrooms and restrooms speak volumes about your business, so don’t leave your bathrooms as an afterthought. Choose One Point Partitions when you’re creating your custom bathroom stalls and be sure to make the best first impression on visitors to your facilities.


No two bathroom spaces are exactly alike. You don’t want to have to adapt your layout to the partitions you can find. Instead, design a custom divider layout that works with the space available and gives your customers, employees and other users of your bathrooms a positive, clean and safe experience. Here at One Point Partitions, it’s easy to design your custom bathroom stall layout and order the dividers you need.

Simply use our online quote tool to create the layout of your bathroom. In just a few clicks, you can choose the number of toilets you have as well as the number, position and dimensions of partitions. You don’t have to stick to standard sizes. Instead, input the exact dimensions of your available space, and we will create a quote for the partitions that fit.

We also have a talented team that can help make modifications and adjustments if you’re not satisfied with your layout. Submit your quote with any additional information or notes or give us a call, and we will get back to you quickly. One Point Partitions is proud to be a leader in custom bathroom partitions and stalls and sell American-made partitions. You’re getting top-quality materials and construction that will look good and be easy to clean for years of reliable use.

Browse our catalog and check out the different finishes and colors we have available. You don’t have to settle for the ‘same old’ bathroom stalls as everyone else. Opt for some of our more rich and unique colors to make a visual impact with your bathroom and to create the right atmosphere and style for your business, facility, school, public space, commercial space or other public washroom facilities. With One Point Partitions, a custom bathroom stall solution is just a few clicks away, so get started on your custom layout right now!

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