Last updated on November 30th, 2018 at 07:58 pm

The Color Choice You’ve Been Looking For

Some bathroom partition sources make you chose from the same limited number of colors. While some of our customers like traditional colors — like grey, beige and white — others want to add a bit of color and style to their washrooms. You don’t need to settle for the same-old, same-old — instead, come to One Point Partitions for your commercial bathroom and restroom partitions and choose from our wide range of materials and colors.

Your bathrooms say a lot about your business or facility. The right bathroom design can reinforce your brand and image and show your attention-to-detail. To give you more choice, we carry five different types of bathroom stalls and partitions:

We have a style and design for every budget. Each type of partition comes in a variety of colors, giving you nearly unlimited choices on how you design and create your unique bathroom or restroom space. All of our products feature quality construction and are made right here in the USA. We carry a large inventory of partitions and hardware across the country so we can ship to you faster once you’ve placed your order.

Leaving a Good First Impression

Studies show that the state and appearance of a bathroom have a big impact on the impression a business or facility can leave on a person. A clean, organized and comfortable bathroom helps create a positive customer experience. It also provides a more appealing environment for your employees and other visitors. At One Point Partitions, we strive to offer the best selection of toilet partitions possible and include a great range of colors.

Instead of choosing from the same three or four colors that other companies offer, we have a variety of exciting shades like red, blue and green, as well as a number of metallic and marbled finishes for an upscale look. Many of our customers like to extend their branding into their bathroom stall colors, so you can choose the colors and styles that match your branding and logos to reinforce the image of your business or facility.

Top Quality no Matter Which Bathroom Partition Color You Choose

With One Point Partitions, you are always sure to get top-quality partitions that are built to last. We manufacture here in the USA to ensure consistent and durable partitions that will look great for years. Our online pricing tool lets you design the partition layout that fits your space and creates the ideal bathroom stall layout. You can also browse through our large range of color options available in our different product ranges, such as powder-coated steel, laminate, solid plastic, phenolic or stainless steel.

Once you have designed your layout, simply submit it to our team and we will prepare your quote. You can always choose a different color before placing your order. If you aren’t sure which color of bathroom partitions will work best in your space or match your decor, you can request color samples. We will send you as many samples as you would like free of charge so you can see them and make the best choice.

Unbeatable Customer Service

For years, One Point Partitions has been an online leader in toilet stall partitions and toilet partition colors. We take the time to understand your needs and offer the right partition solution. We want you to be happy with your color choice so you can create a comfortable, inviting and practical bathroom at your office, restaurant, store, school, stadium or other facility. Find out why more customers are clicking on our link and using our handy quote tool to design their own bathroom stall layout.

You can also contact our design team if you require any assistance or would like to know more about the differences in our types of toilet partitions. One Point Partitions has a bathroom stall type and color for every need and budget, so start browsing today and discover all of the great options we have available to you. Say goodbye to your tired, faded, worn and uninviting bathroom and install a clean, modern, durable partition upgrade that will leave a great impression on everyone who uses your bathroom.

You won’t find this same selection and service elsewhere, so come to the top name in the business for all your commercial bathroom partition needs.

Hello, Color!

Go take a look at your current bathroom partitions and overall design. Is your bathroom clean, attractive and appealing? Is it a comfortable and inviting space for your customers, vistors and employees? If the answer is “no,” it might be time to upgrade your partitions and create a new look. Our online design tool makes it easy to create a custom partition layout that fits your space. We’ve removed the guesswork from choosing the right partitions for your restroom.

We also have a talented design team available to help you create the right layout. Tell us about your space and layout needs and your material and color preferences. There’s no cost or added lead time if you want to modify your color choice before ordering, so take your time picking the perfect color that matches your décor, style and branding.

Bathrooms Don’t Need to Be Dull

More and more of our customers are realizing that the bathrooms in their offices, stores, restaurants, schools and public spaces don’t have to be dull. We provide a host of attractive colors and materials that allow you to add a bit of class and style to your restrooms at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you are creating an all-new bathroom from the ground up or remodeling an existing bathroom that has become outdated — One Point Partitions has the partition color choices you’re looking for!

Browse our online selection today and choose the colors that catch your attention and start designing your new and improved bathroom right away. Our team is available to help you select the right partitions for your space and give you design and color advice so you can place your order.