Locker Room Partitions

Locker Room Partitions From One Point Partitions

While every type of bathroom partition design project is interesting to us here at One Point Partitions, our designers get excited every time we have a customer contact us with a locker room restroom partition request. These unique projects allow us to really get creative and find smart, practical and inviting partition layouts.

Thanks to the fact that most locker rooms are relatively large and open, we can work with you to include all of the separate spaces you need for toilets, urinals, sinks, showers and changing spaces.

Privacy Is Important

When you’re using a locker room, you want to feel safe, with a comfortable and private space for changing or using the restrooms. In some cases, you may want separate spaces with doors that lock (for toilets and showers), while in other areas you may want simple partitions that break the locker room space up into different areas. Our partitions can be used to create visual barriers and create a better flow and movement throughout your locker room, as well.

This is where the experience of our designers is key. They have experience creating unique partition layouts that make the best use of your space and are as functional as they are attractive. Our initial design work is free and we even provide a free mock-up so you can easily visualize what we’re proposing.

You get to choose from one of our five quality materials for your locker room partitions:


  • Powder-coated steel: The combination of value and durability that powder-coated steel offers makes it one of our most popular partition materials for locker rooms. It’s available in a wide range of colors.
  • Laminate: Our laminate partition materials are engineered to offer excellent resistance to impacts and scuffing, and come in many unique colors and finishes that can suit any locker room restroom décor.
  • Solid plastic: For ease of cleaning and maintenance, our solid plastic partitions are hard to beat. They’re ideally suited to the kind of rough-and-tumble use one can expect in a locker room.
  • Phenolic: One of our more upscale bathroom partition materials, phenolic is designed to resist corrosion, humidity and bacteria, making it a top choice if you’re concerned about air quality.
  • Stainless steel: As durable as it is attractive, stainless steel if a great choice for bathroom partitions if you want easy maintenance and an upscale look that will never feel dated.


If you’re not sure which material or color suits your locker room bathroom space, let us know and we can send some free samples. When viewed under natural light, you can get the full effect and tone of the color and can more easily choose the perfect option. Since all of our bathroom partition products are manufactured in the US, you’re not only getting top-quality construction, but you’re also doing your part to keep jobs here in our country.

To get started, fill in our handy online pricing tool. You’ll get a free, no-obligation quote. You can also contact us over the phone and speak with a designer, who will get started right away on creating the design for your locker room partitions according to your needs and expectations.