Comprehensive Bathroom Partitions

We offer a wide variety of bathroom partitions suitable for all types of restrooms. Our team of experts provides solutions that help you make the most out of your commercial bathroom space.

Here are a few of the products we offer:

Regardless of which style of partitions you require, we’ll help you design custom ones that meet your specific needs. Talk to our team today about our custom bathroom partition solutions.

Our Bathroom Stall Partitions Online Pricing Tool

We understand that getting pricing information and placing orders can be stressful. That’s why we offer an easy-to-use online pricing tool and a straightforward ordering process. You can quickly determine what you need and place your order for bathroom partitions. To use our online pricing tool, just input the basic information to get an estimated price for your toilet partitions. We just need to know:

Our online pricing tool will then generate a quote based on all the specifications you provided. If you have any questions about using this tool, you can always call us at 1-800-756-6817.

Our Simple, Fast Ordering Process

Once you receive a quote, you can start the ordering process!

We break it down in a few easy steps:

  1. Design approval: We send a design to you for approval. The design can be generated from our online pricing tool, or you can request a free custom design from our toilet partition experts. If you need any modifications, we’re happy to make them until you’re completely satisfied.
  2. Color selection: Once you approve the design, you’ll need to choose the color of your partitions. The colors are material-specific and include stainless steel, laminate, powder-coated steel, phenolic and solid plastic. We can also send free physical samples to help you make a decision.
  3. Delivery details: We’ll start the delivery process as soon as we know where to send your partitions. We are backed by one of the largest bathroom partition manufacturers in the country
    and do daily shipments all over the U.S., so you’re sure to receive your order, fast. Your delivery costs are always included in your quote, so there’s never an additional fee.
  4. Payment: Once we have your payment information, we’ll process your order right away.

After your bathroom stall partitions arrive, be sure to use our online tutorials to help with the installation process. We include all the hardware you need, and everything’s designed to be easy and quick to install. If you run into any questions throughout the process, feel free to contact us by phone, email or via our online chat tool. We take pride in our customer service and are happy to assist you!

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We offer a wide range of bathroom stall color choices in several materials. If you’d like a color chart and/or physical color samples for any material, please request samples.

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Our Designers Have the Experience & Knowledge

We create intelligent, practical & comfortable bathroom layouts for all types of commercial spaces

In order to buy the right commercial bathroom partitions for your specific needs, you don’t need to have any design knowledge; that’s what we’re here for. Unlike many other bathroom partition providers, we help make sure all our customers are satisfied with the layout and design of the partitions they purchase.

And with our helpful online tools and responsive customer service, we can ensure your design includes everything your restrooms need, all while allowing you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

Most projects start inside our online layout program. This is where you’ll pick the material of your bathroom stall dividers, share your contact information with us and upload any ideas you have.

From here, our design team gets involved by mapping out the bathroom divider walls, based on the dimensions of the bathroom you’re buying them for. Because we have years of experience, you can trust our team to provide helpful insights as to how to make the most of your space.

Finalizing the layout, which helps us determine how many bathroom cubicle partitions are needed for your bathroom, is the last step to complete in order to get you an estimated price.

We know Bathroom Partitions

We supply partitions for bathroom stalls all over the country.

We are one of the largest distributors of bathroom partitions in the country and are backed by an experienced partition manufacturer that produces and delivers thousands of partitions and stalls year after year. Our bathroom partition experts can handle new restroom build-outs, replacements or retrofits in older existing restrooms. Our partition experts will guide you through the entire process, including designing, ordering and delivery. We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2011 and have an A+ rating. Work with a partition provider that has credibility, know-how, and that can accommodate English- or Spanish-speaking needs. Contact One Point Partitions now & start working with Andy, Brock, Jhoana, Jordan, Rebecca, Andrew or Brian!

more about us


Andy Huges - Team Member of One Point Partitions

Andy Hughes

[email protected]
800.756.6817 Ext. 305
Andy started One Point Partitions with his brother Jason Hughes. Andy has been here since 2006 and is always striving for easier better ways to provide partitions. Andy graduated from Iowa State University and has been in construction and product sales for much of his career. He spends his free time fishing and traveling....but mostly fishing. And fishing some more. Give him a shout today!
Brandon Graham - Team Member of One Point Partitions

Brandon Graham

[email protected]
800.756.6817 Ext. 306
Brandon has been in the toilet and bathroom partitions business since 2006 and has been with the company since 2007. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee University where he was a standout football player. He spends much of his free time with his family who all are active in sports.
Brock Hutson - Team Member of One Point Partitions

brock hutson

[email protected]
800.756.6817 Ext. 304
Brock comes from the tech industry and has put his knowledge to use designing partition layouts. He is a graduate of DMACC and has experience managing and operating businesses. He and his wife enjoy motorcycle trips and maybe a few intense video games here and there. Brock on!
Jhoana Soriano - Team Member of One Point Partitions

Jhoana Soriano

[email protected]
800.756.6817 Ext. 308
Se Habla Español

Jhoana is a recent graduate in the field of Architectural Engineering Technology. She grew up in construction and starting helping her Father at jobsites at a very young age. Jhoana is right at home here at One Point Partitions designing and laying out bathroom partitions for customers. Jhoana speaks fluent English and Spanish and is ready to work with you on your restroom partition project.

Rebecca Bobo

[email protected]
800-756-6817 Ext. 310
Rebecca graduated at the top of her class in high school and at Middle Tennessee State University. She has an extensive background in customer service which has helped her to create a very long list of happy toilet partition customers. If she isn’t on the computer designing stall layouts, you will find her kicking it live at the local gym staying healthy and fit.

Lukas Haskins

[email protected]
800-756-6817 Ext. 314
Lukas had bathroom partition experience before joining One Point and puts that experience to work every day. He spends off time creating video and sound presentations and staying active in his church. Lukas is also planning a trip to Japan and is the caretaker of many feline friends.

Destiny Ford

[email protected]
800-756-6817 Ext. 313
Destiny is a lover of big families, wide open country spaces, and connecting customers to design and sales reps. She has been in the restroom partitions business for several years and strives to make sure all customers receive a 5-star sales experience.

Andrew Hyler

[email protected]
800-756-6817 316
Andrew grew up in his family’s construction business before heading off to college at Iowa State University. He and his young family recently moved to a small farm where they currently have chickens and other critters. If Andrew isn’t busy designing a bathroom stall layout, you’ll find him enjoying the great outdoors.

Brian Cruz

[email protected]
800-756-6817 Ext. 312
Brian has an extensive background in residential and commercial building supply sales, so helping customers with toilet partitions purchases is darn near second nature for him. Brian spends free time with his lovely wife and enjoys watching his three boys participate in the performing arts such as dance and music.

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