Powder Coated Steel

Powder Coated Steel


White 2129

Dark Khaki 2109

Charcoal 2123

Pepper Dust 3590

Sandy Beach 2150

Royal Blue 2135

Azure 2101

Burgundy 2148

Red 2145

Almond 2103

Khaki 2115

Black 2127

Gray 2125

Sage 2141

Metallic Silver 2171


Do you need a commercial bathroom or do you want to remodel the existing public restroom at your location? If so, One Point Partitions can help.

Our powder-coated steel bathroom stalls can be configured in various ways to fit restrooms of just about any size. Whether you envision having a single stall or you’ll need multiple powder-coated steel partitions to create a restroom that can accommodate several occupants at the same time, you can install our partitions to create the bathroom you want.

Our Design Services

If you’re unsure about the layout of your restroom, our talented team of experienced designers can design a space using your specs. If you don’t have specs just yet, you can simply share the information you have with us online and we’ll create a design and a mockup for you. Best of all, we’ll gladly do these things at no charge without requiring you to commit to buying our powder-coated steel restroom partitions.

Manufacturing and Installation

Our powder-coated steel bathroom partitions are manufactured exclusively in the United States and they’re backed by one of the nation’s largest partition factories: Global Partitions. We’re proud to tell you that our high-quality, affordable powder-coated steel partitions are sold at Lowe’s stores located throughout the U.S.

Our powder-coated steel restroom partitions are easy to install and we provide video instruction and resources that make the installation even easier. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are always available to provide extra guidance or answer any questions, as well.

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