Restaurant Partitions

Bathroom Partitions for Your Restaurant From One Point Partitions

Ask anyone who owns or runs a restaurant and they’ll tell you: it’s a tough business with intense competition. It’s hard to stay ahead of the game, which is why many restaurants are constantly updating their menus to include new, popular foods to attract new customers. The décor of your restaurant is important, as well. You want it to match the style and feel of your establishment and attract the right types of customers.

While this is probably no surprise, one thing you may have overlooked is the state of your bathroom. Even if your bathroom is clean and functional, an old, outdated appearance and damaged or unattractive partitions can really detract from the dining experience of your customers. Updating your restaurant’s restroom partitions is a great way to add appeal and comfort and leave a great impression.

Attention to Detail

Just as attention to detail in the preparation and service of your food is important, so is the attention to detail you pay to your building and its bathrooms. Go and take a look at your current washrooms. Do they meet the criteria your customers expect in terms of:


  • Cleanliness: Over time, your old toilet and urinal partitions can get dirty and worn out. If you can no longer get your partitions back to like-new condition, replacing them is a great way to improve your restrooms. All of our materials are durable and easy to clean and resist corrosion.
  • Safety and Privacy: Your customers deserve to feel safe when using the bathrooms in your restaurant. That means locking doors and properly installed partitions that are safely anchored to the floor and walls. Older partitions that have been damaged may not offer the right level of privacy.
  • Appealing Appearance: It’s a shame to have an attractive, appealing style in your restaurant and not continue it to your bathrooms. Studies show that people often form a strong opinion of an establishment based on the state and appearance of their restrooms.

Putting a little bit of thought and TLC into the bathroom partitions and dividers for your restaurant can go a long way.

Your Expert Partner

Instead of trying to piece together a bathroom partition design in your restaurant from standard catalog pieces, turn to our experts here at One Point Partitions. Our designers have experience taking the space you have available and creating attractive, functional partitions for toilets, urinals and hand washing. We’ll provide you with free design services, a free mock-up and even free samples if you’d like to compare our partition materials and colors.

You can choose from our five choices of partitions: powder-coated steel, laminate, solid plastic, phenolic and stainless steel. Each material offers its own special advantages, though all are designed for excellent durability.

Manufactured in the USA by hardworking Americans, our products can be found in restaurants all across the country. Be the next restaurant to take advantage of our design experience and create an inviting and comfortable bathroom space that will leave your customers with a great impression of your restaurant.