Solid Plastic Toilet Partition


This price is for a single solid plastic stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required). Our toilet partition pricing tool will allow you to select your bathroom layout and give you the exact pricing. Use our pricing tool today to get your custom design and quote! We provide design and layout-based pricing at no charge or obligation.

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Choose from one of our 16 solid plastic toilet partition colors to build a welcoming and vibrant restroom environment. From blue and burgundy to mocha and caramel, our solid plastic toilet partitions will give you the flexibility to be creative when it comes to designing your new bathroom. The range of colors and unique texture of these partitions make them the perfect complement to any wall or floor color combination. Our 15-year manufacturer warranty makes them ideal for high-traffic office buildings, stores, school bathrooms and more.

Each of our solid plastic toilet partitions is manufactured here in the USA. Secure these partitions to the floor and wall — you can even install them yourself. We pre-design our partitions for easy installation. This plastic material will also save you money without compromising quality. When you order your solid plastic toilet partitions from us, you’ll receive a DIY installation guide and supplementary online videos.

Get an exact price quote by using our online pricing tool. With this tool, you can specify how many partitions you would like to purchase. You can explore your layout options using our online design tool as well. Check out our solid plastic toilet partition colors and use our online pricing tool today!

Reinforced Quality Material
Our solid plastic toilet partitions feature heavy-duty solid plastic constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins, which are waterproof and have a self-lubricating surface that can resist markings from pencils, pens and other instruments for writing.

Vandal Resistance
Our partitions include vandal resistance fasteners, screws and plastic anchors to protect against any damage, keeping them long-lasting.

Easy-Stall Mounted
The shoes are mounted to the floor to make the pilaster installation simple. A leveling bolt is included to help plumb and level the pilasters.

Doors, panels, and pilasters are 1” thick with uniformly machined edges.

Doors, Pilasters and Panels

  • -1” thick with homogenous color throughout.
  • -Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins, which are waterproof non-absorbent and have a self-lubricating surface.

Pilaster Shoes
Stainless steel 3” high with a #4 satin finish, anchored to the pilaster with #10 stainless steel screw.

Stirrup Brackets
2” long aluminum stirrup brackets that are 1/8” thick and mounted with stainless steel step bolts.


  • -All compartments will be installed in a rigid, straight, plumb and level manner.
  • -All doors and panels will be mounted at 14” above the finished floor.
  • -Clearance at vertical edges of the door shall be uniform top to bottom.

Azure 9231

Black 9205

Black Confetti 9217

Blue 9509

Burgundy 9211

Caramel 9658

Charcoal 9237

Cream 9235

Folkstone Gray 9400

Gray 9200

Hunter Green 9508

Ivory Essence Speckle 9500

Mocha 9212

Moss 9233

Olive 9223

White 9201

Metallic Bronze 9513

Metallic Silver 9511