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People judge you on your bathroom. Whether you’re talking about customers, visitors, employees or the general public, the state of your pubic washrooms says a lot about your business or facility. Clean, safe, comfortable and modern bathrooms go a long way toward reinforcing your image and showing that you take care of the details. If you are looking for a trusted name in bathroom partitions, One Point Partitions is your top choice.

We are conveniently located to serve customers in markets and thanks to our status as a certified vendor at Lowe’s, you can also special-order our products through your local Lowe’s store. We’ve made it easier to upgrade your bathroom or restroom and create an inviting space for your bathroom users.

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With years of experience as a leader in bathroom stalls and partition, our team here at One Point Partitions has what it takes to deliver the right products. Our online catalog is easy to browse and you can choose the perfect materials, styles and colors for your application. Select from popular choices such as:

You can select from dozens of different colors to create the perfect restroom space that matches the colors and style of your brand or décor. One Point Partitions delivers all across the U.S. and carries a huge inventory of commercial bathroom partitions and hardware so we can ship to you quickly. Stop suffering from a tired, outdated and uncomfortable restroom and give it a fresh and appealing look with new partitions.


We’ll help you create a custom restroom space with a large selection of American-made toilet partitions available in a range of attractive colors. When you’re ready to upgrade your restroom space, you can enhance any of our partitions with a variety of colors, including solid hues and decorative patterns. While we offer close to 90 different colors and designs to choose from, those available for your partitions will depend on their composition.


With 15 different colors available for our powder-coated steel toilet partitions, you can take advantage of superior durability while maintaining an attractive finish. Use our range of options to go for a classic look, experiment with something new or create virtually any restroom style you want with options including:

  • White, black or gray: Three classic options that pair well with any bathroom design.
  • Pepper dust or sandy beach: A great choice if you want a restroom that has a modern vibe.
  • Almond or charcoal: Go-to options if you have a more conservative washroom design in mind.
  • Red or burgundy: Give your powder-coated steel toilet partitions and urinal dividers a bold look.


Using our laminate toilet partitions and urinal dividers, you can have greater control over your restroom remodel. We’ll help you make your partitions look like they are made from wood, stone or even denim. We offer over 45 unique and engaging options to select from, including:

  • Sand, leather and earth: We carry a range of tan and brown colors ranging from light to dark.
  • Flat and pattered blue: Create a bold look with flat blue toilet partitions and patterned looks.
  • Steel, stone and gray: You’ll find many gray colors to create a stone, steel, ash or other gray themes.
  • Natural hardwoods: Give your partitions the look of natural woodgrain with several hardwood patterns.
  • Many other colors: Laminate toilet partitions are available in many more colors to fit your design.


If you’re updating a high-traffic restroom, our solid plastic toilet partitions offer superior resistance to damage and wear. These partitions are one inch thick, made from durable polymer and suitable for use in wet or dry environments. Our solid plastic products are available in an attractive spectrum of colors, including:

  • Grayscale: You can choose from white, black or several gray tones in between.
  • Earthtones: If you want to design an inviting restroom, try our earth-toned options.


Create a comfortable and attractive restroom resistant to vandalism, corrosion, bacteria and wear. Our phenolic core toilet partitions have a durable polymer coating and do great in humid or wet environments. You can order toilet partitions with a phenolic core in over a dozen colors, with options such as:

  • Solid colors: We offer several solid colors, including black, almond, taupe and two shades of gray.
  • Stone patterns: Use your partitions as an opportunity to add visual appeal any guest can appreciate.
  • Woodgrain: Give a public restroom a touch of elegance with ash patterns or alluring burnt strand.


Stainless steel toilet partitions are high-end products, adding a touch of class that will undoubtedly become a talking point. You can use these partitions for the perfect addition to restrooms serving sophisticated guests or an office building full of executives.

You only have one color option with stainless steel — its natural look. These partitions are resistant to paint, but also offer incredible resistance to damage and rust. While our stainless steel partitions are only available in their natural color, you have the option to order them with a smooth surface or to have patterns engraved.


You may find local sources for bathroom partitions, but you won’t find the kind of service, selection and build quality that you’ll find here at One Point Partitions. We’ve made it easier to design the custom bathroom you’re looking for with our flexible partition options. We offer:

  • A huge selection of high-quality stalls and partitions
  • Five different materials and dozens of color choices
  • All of the hardware and accessories you need for a clean installation
  • An online design tool that helps you visualize your new bathroom space
  • Available design help from our talented design team
  • An accurate quote tool so you get an exact price before ordering
  • A friendly and helpful staff that can answer your questions

It doesn’t matter where you are — One Point Partitions is close! Count on our expertise to make your bathroom installation or upgrade successful. Our online design tool is easy to use and allows you to make modifications until you’re satisfied with your bathroom partition layout. Change materials, colors and styles to get the perfect look. We even have tutorial videos on how to install your partitions and stalls once your order arrives. If you need some help, our designers can help create the right design for your space.


Let One Point Partitions be your go-to toilet partition supplier. We have a strong presence in communities located all over the U.S. and ship to locations across the country. Even if we’re not right next door, we’ll ship American-made, ADA-compliant bathroom partitions to you in the material type and color of your choice. We’re ready to offer complimentary assistance with designing a bathroom for your commercial location.

It’s easy to get started — simply click on through to our online design tool and follow the steps to create the perfect bathroom partition layout today. Our team is available online or over the phone to guide you and help you choose the right materials and hardware. Our products are also available to special-order through Lowe’s hardware stores. You will quickly see that no matter where you are, One Point Partitions is close and can make your bathroom upgrade easier!

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