Church Bathroom Partitions & Stalls

Church Bathroom Partitions

The availability of a clean, safe and efficient public restroom is a resource that everyone can benefit from. This is especially true for churches and other worship spaces. Unlike commercial businesses that cater to a customer’s tangible needs, religious centers serve the spiritual needs of their parishioners as well. To create a welcoming environment where a congregation can come together for prayer, the church must ensure that all elements of their facility feel inviting, safe and comfortable. Providing a clean and functional restroom is key to preserving this experience.

There are hundreds of thousands of churches and temples, chapels and other centers for worship in the United States. From the large, century-old Gothic Revival churches with high towers and parapets to the redesigned chapels that have found a home in repurposed spaces within shopping malls, community centers and other nontraditional venues, virtually any area can act as a place of worship. As your congregation continues to grow, it’s important that your facility is able to responsibly accommodate the diverse needs of these men, women and children. Bathroom partitions & stalls are part of this.

One Point Partitions knows how important it is that your church provides a warm and welcoming environment for those who wish to attend your services. For over a decade, we’ve delivered thousands of high-quality toilet and bathroom partitions to restaurants, offices, schools and churches across the country. Our partition experts know the most effective and affordable ways to provide any space with a reliable partition system that accommodates all users.

Allow One Point Partitions to help you affordably design and customize your church’s bathroom layout without hassle.

Church Bathroom Stall Ideas

Worship spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Although many religious centers are constructed solely for the purpose of worship gathering, many other buildings are renovated, rented or repurposed for spiritual services. No matter which structure your church occupies, it’s important that your facility has a restroom available for those who congregate.

Depending on the size, layout, and design of your building, you may need to choose a restroom partition system that accommodates the space available. There are four types of bathroom partition configurations to choose from.

The overhead-braced and floor-anchored restroom partition is likely one you’ve seen before. Using a brace that stretches from wall to wall across the upper portion of the partition, this configuration is one of the most common mounting systems in use today. Because they don’t require specialized floor construction, these systems can be installed in virtually any restroom environment. For those who wish to provide a functional and efficient restroom without allocating large portions of your facility’s maintenance budget, this type of partition can fulfill both needs.

Worship spaces have been constructed for thousands of years — and many of the oldest are still in use today. Some of these buildings may have restrooms that were placed in spaces that have unique designs, such as high ceilings or concrete floors. While some partition configurations like ceiling-hung or floor-to-ceiling systems can’t be installed in these spaces, a floor-mounted partition system is a readily available solution. Secured into the floor, these partitions are great options for facilities seeking a dependable structure that doesn’t require extensive installation.

Worry-free professional installation: If a part of your partition is installed incorrectly or needs to be fixed, your installer is responsible for making the necessary adjustments

Outfitting Unique Worship Spaces

Consider the many ways your worship space may be used throughout the year aside from daily or weekly services. Perhaps your facility accommodates events like receptions, summer camps, evening social clubs and other functions in which large groups gather. With so many visitors of all ages, sizes and needs, you’ll want to provide a series of restroom stalls that can handle consistent heavy use.

So, while the floor-mounted and overhead-braced partition systems do offer support, many building managers desire a partition system that offers reinforced strength.

To accommodate a high volume of restroom users, installing a floor-to-ceiling restroom partition provides the necessary increase in stability. Using the walls, floor and ceiling for support, a floor-to-ceiling partition mounting system will withstand years of heavy use. Although this option does require the most thorough installation process, it also presents peace of mind to those who want the most reliable restroom partition mounting solution. Even for churches with limited budgets, these commercial bathroom partitions are long-term investments that will provide lasting safety, endurance and convenience.

If you’d like to showcase your church’s restroom with a contemporary style that is attractive and efficient, a ceiling-hung mounting system might be ideal for your partitions. Installed into the ceiling and walls, this design gives the partition the appearance that it is floating. To be structurally sound, this system requires installation into steel ceiling supports. Easy to clean, these partitions are great for places of worship that may be undergoing a contemporary renovation or in spaces that cannot perform construction or installation into their flooring.

Ceiling-hung restroom partitions also offer a unique benefit that no other partition mounting system possesses. With no floor anchoring or mounting in place, the lower portion of the partition is completely open. This provides extra space for maneuvering. More importantly, it provides alternate access into or out of the stall. In the event that a child or adult is in need of assistance and the door cannot be opened, there is enough room below the partition to allow an individual to enter or exit the stall.

Helping Worshippers Overcome Challenges

An estimated one in every five individuals in the United States lives with a disability. There’s a significant chance that many of those who attend your worship services have an impairment that could make daily tasks, such as using a public restroom, quite difficult. Handicap-accessible restroom partitions provide these individuals with the extra space they need to maneuver around the stall.

Our ADA-compliant partitions also aid those with temporary injuries, balance or strength issues, caregivers with small children or adults and those who require other assistance.

As you design your restroom and decide on which partition mounting system is best for your space, we recommend you consider which additional hardware you may want to outfit each stall with. The choice of latch or lock, hooks for hanging coats, small shelves for resting bags or purses, handrails for user assistance and other add-ons can enhance the user experience and make your restroom a place of comfort and convenience.

Unsure of what additions your congregation will find useful? We’ll help you make the best selection.

One Point Partitions knows that the diverse individuals and families who comprise your congregation truly make your church a special place for worship. Each of the four variations of partition mounting systems offers unique advantages that can benefit churches of all sizes. Outfitting your restrooms with the right partition configurations can successfully integrate a safe and reliable system into your bathroom’s spatial and structural requirements as well as conveniently accommodate the needs of churchgoers. Use our online pricing tool to design a layout that perfectly suits your space.

Types of Partitions You Can Use for Your Church

Choosing the right mounting system for your restroom is important, but to receive the maximum benefit from these partitions, you need to also select a construction material that is able to withstand significant usage on any given day.

One Point Partitions carries five popular partition materials and sixteen different colors that will offer worship centers of all sizes a number of advantages. We are proud to provide you with powder-coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, phenolic core and stainless steel partition material options that look and perform fantastically.

One Point Partitions understands that your church’s facility maintenance budget may only be able to allocate a fixed amount for bathroom repairs and upgrades per year. For churches that want the best quality at the lowest possible price, we recommend selecting bathroom partitions made from powder-coated steel. This modern metal is finished with a powder coat over galvanized steel. Its surface is resistant to corrosion, stains, acids, grease and blemishes. Economic and durable, our powder-coated steel partitions come with a three-year warranty.

Our powder-coated steel partitions are manufactured domestically in the U.S. and are trusted by major retail chains throughout the country. This affordable option can be produced in an array of fifteen colors. From basic black, white and metallic silver hues to rich shades of royal blue, burgundy and sage, these strikingly colored partitions can light up your restroom while staying light on your budget. Installing an overhead-braced and floor-anchored mounting system with powder-coated steel partitions is a fiscally conservative way to merge quality, functionality and affordability.

We also realize that while the price is important, getting the most long-term value out of your purchase is key. Budget allocations for your church’s building maintenance may change from year to year, which means you need to invest in a quality product today that will continue to deliver exceptional performance for years. We suggest solid plastic partition material for churches that may experience high volumes of attendants, guests and visitors. A floor-mounted or overhead-braced mounting system with solid plastic partitions is a reliable combination.

While some churches have dedicated custodial crews, many centers for worship may have these duties assigned to their staff or assisted by the generosity of volunteers. Thankfully, solid plastic partitions are easy for anyone to clean. This low-maintenance material is highly resistant to nearly anything that comes in contact with its surface. It will stand up to most common cleaning solutions, excess moisture, mold or mildew growth and even graffiti.

Available in sixteen colors and backed by a fifteen-year warranty, plastic partitions are a solid choice.

Create a design plan before you install bathroom partitions

Enrich Every Space With Color and Design

Though a restroom is built for utility, that doesn’t mean it can’t be both functional and fashionable. Consider the ways in which many other areas of your church are decorated with attention to aesthetic appeal. One Point Partitions is pleased to offer exceptional partition systems that are available in beautiful colors and designs. If you’re searching for a durable partition material that is available in a spectrum of unique colors, our classic laminate partitions are exactly what you’re looking for.

Manufactured in the United States, our laminate toilet partitions are constructed with a solid, impact-resistant particle board core. Meeting or exceeding all National Electrical Manufacturers Association standards, this core is bonded beneath a high-pressure laminate finish and edge-banded for durability and water runoff. Choose from nearly one hundred different colors to match your partitions perfectly to your restroom or overall building aesthetic. One Point Partitions also backs these classic partitions with a five-year warranty so you can be confident that your budget is spent wisely.

Another option that will enhance the look of your restroom is our phenolic core partition material. This contemporary substance is available in nearly a dozen natural tones like tungsten, natural canvas, desert zephyr and folkstone celesta, providing your bathroom with an attractive color palette that is refined and neutral. The attractiveness of their patterns is only rivaled by their strength and durability. Like all of the products offered by One Point Partitions, our phenolic partitions are built to perform for years.

If you’ve determined that the many uses of your church require the increased dependability of a floor-to-ceiling mounting system, then phenolic core partitions are the perfect component to match. These partitions are fabricated to withstand even the most extreme conditions. It can endure heavy moisture and humidity, resist impact and corrosion and fight off bacteria growth. We know you can put your full confidence in our phenolic partitions and reinforce that assurance with a ten-year warranty. Trust us — phenolic partitions will stand the test of time.

A church was built to give thanks and praise, so what better way to beautify your place of worship than with our high-quality and dynamic stainless steel partitions? Their brushed stainless steel appearance with either a satin or a textured finish brings a touch of elegance and class to any bathroom interior. Behind their beauty is a corrosion-resistant material that is easy to maintain. If you want to enhance the design of your church’s restroom with a contemporary aesthetic, stainless steel ceiling-hung partitions are the ultimate choice.

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Trust One Point Partitions for Your Church’s Bathroom Partitions

Virtually any space can become a house of worship. Whether you and your congregation conduct services in a church, temple, chapel or community center, you need to ensure your restrooms continually provide a safe, convenient and private space to accommodate people from all walks of life. By choosing a reliable mounting system with partitions created from durable materials, you’ll be able to keep your restroom clean and functioning efficiently for years. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll give your worshipers and guests a facility that suits their needs.

One Point Partitions makes it easy to design an attractive, efficient and affordable restroom partition system. Our handy online pricing tool allows you to customize your bathroom layout to fit your needs. From conception to construction, we’ll walk you through every step of the design and installation process until your completed restroom partition system is exactly how you pictured it.

Your church is a sacred place. Let us help you make every inch of it an appealing and welcoming part of your community.

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