Commercial Bathroom Equipment

Commercial Bathroom Equipment

In a commercial setting, a bathroom can make a world of difference for customers. A restroom with clean, attractive partitions that close and lock properly will ensure that customers feel safe and comfortable. Your commercial washroom should reflect the top-quality service your business provides. Give customers the right impression with durable, stylish and American-made commercial washroom equipment from One Point Partitions.

Commercial Bathroom Partitions

The partitions in a commercial restroom are among the first features that will be noticed by anyone who walks inside. One Point Partitions can provide high-quality, customized partitions to business owners and contractors to make the most of any commercial washroom space.

What Types of Materials Are Used for Washroom Partitions?

One Point Partitions offers five unique product families for partitions in your commercial washroom. Each material provides its own blend of style, value and durability. Design the right partitions for your commercial restroom with your choice of the following materials:

  • Powder-coated steel: Our most cost-effective option is powder-coated steel, which features a structured honeycomb core and a powder coating that is designed to resist corrosion, scratches and fading.
  • LaminateLaminate is another affordable choice with superior design flexibility to match any desired aesthetic. Under the thick vertical-grade laminate of these partitions is a particleboard core that is resistant to impact.
  • Solid plasticThis material, also called high-density polyethylene, is low maintenance and nonporous — which makes it resistant to moisture and mold as well as graffiti.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel provides a sophisticated, elegant touch to commercial restroom stalls. This premium material is resistant to rust, corrosion and graffiti.
  • PhenolicAnother premium option, phenolic partitions are made with high-quality, deluxe plastic. This material combines plastic’s resistance to moisture and bacteria with the smoothness of laminate.

Each of these materials comes with a variety of options, from color to texture to engraving, so you can create the perfect washroom for any business.

Hardware and Installation for Commercial Washroom Equipment

The quality of the hardware you use is essential when it comes to ensuring the durability and functionality of your commercial partitions. For hardware that has been tested and proven to last, look no further than One Point Partitions. Our hardware is simple to install and easy to replace if need be, and it comes with a clean and attractive finish.

Our extensive inventory of bathroom equipment includes the following hardware:

  • Bathroom partition brackets
  • Toilet stall partition hinges
  • Locks and latches for bathroom stalls

What’s the Advantage of Choosing One Point Partitions?

At One Point Partitions, we only use materials of the highest quality to ensure that our partitions and hardware can withstand everyday use in a commercial washroom setting. Our priority is always to provide dependable solutions to contractors and business owners — and we have more than 10 years of experience to back us up.

Our team would be happy to help you find the washroom equipment you need for your commercial space. Contact us today for more information or get a quote using our unique online pricing tool.