Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Our Partition Materials



Powdered-coated steel partitions are the most inexpensive option, making it a popular choice for more modest budgets.

This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required).

laminate toilet partitions for sale



Plastic laminate partitions are another attractively-priced model. These partitions are extremely open to customization and come in a wide range of colors.

This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required).

buy stainless steel toilet partitions



Solid plastic restroom partitions are heavy-duty, built to outlast even the roughest treatment, making them ideal candidates for high-traffic settings.

This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required).

phenolic toilet partitions for sale



Phenolic core partitions are durable, reliable and long-lasting while also remaining lightweight.

This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required).




Stainless steel partitions have it all, from strength and stability to beauty and elegance, making them well worth the investment.

This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required).


To leave the best impression possible, it’s worth taking a closer look at the condition of your commercial restrooms, especially your restroom partition walls and dividers.

Let’s start with the basics.

The quality of commercial bathroom stalls is measured using four pieces of criteria:


Allowing people to go to the bathroom in a secure space with a locked door is important for their safety. If they don’t feel safe, they won’t be inclined to come back. It’s also important for commercial restrooms to be accessible to everyone.


Your restroom partition design and layout need to allow for regular cleaning and provide the necessary space for people to properly utilize the bathroom in a clean manner. Some bathroom partition materials are also easier to keep clean, which means less work for you.


Even if your customers only spend a short amount of time in your restrooms, giving them a comfortable, appealing space goes a long way toward generating a positive impression. Create an environment that helps your visitors relax, and they will be sure to come back.


For many businesses, it’s important to have a consistent design. This can extend to your bathroom, where an appealing aesthetic can support your brand.

Make the most of your commercial bathroom space with high-quality commercial partition walls and some help from our experienced design team. We offer free design consultations from our expertise in bathroom divider design and layout to help you succeed with managing a bathroom renovation. With years of experience designing partitions for commercial bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, our team can handle your bathroom design as well.



From the earliest bathroom remodel steps, we’ll work closely with you to create a clean, attractive, efficient bathroom stall partition layout, and we’ll help you choose the perfect materials. Having the right commercial bathroom stalls can enhance your company’s brand and give your visitors and customers a positive impression of your business.

At One Point Partitions, you can choose from five different product families, each offering a unique combination of value, durability and style. Listed below are the material options available for selection.

As you learn about the various qualities of each type, consider these factors:

  • Cost
  • Foot traffic
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Appearance


Powder-coated steel

The most cost-effective bathroom partition stall material we offer is powder-coated steel. These commercial bathroom partitions have a structured honeycomb core. The shell is coated in a powder made up of polymer resin mixed with other additives and ground into a fine powder. The powder coating has a glossy finish that looks great and is highly durable. It is resistant to abrasions, scratches, chipping, corrosion, and fading. Our powder-coated steel partitions have tight welded corners and rigid stainless steel shoes. They come in 15 vibrant colors, so they’re sure to match any commercial bathroom.


Another affordable choice, but with increased design flexibility, is our laminate partitions. These stalls feature an impact-resistant particle board core covered with thick vertical-grade laminate. High-pressure laminate is made from fused layers of resin-treated paper. This material allows us to offer almost 50 colors and patterns. Options such as Weathered Ash have a natural wood appearance, while cloth-inspired patterns such as Crisp Linen create a light, comforting ambiance.

Solid Plastic

Also called high-density polyethylene, solid plastic is a durable, scratch and graffiti resistant surface. We offer plastic laminate bathroom partitions as a low-maintenance partition substance at a mid-range price. As a non-porous material, it is particularly useful for bathrooms in humid environments. They are perfect for bathrooms with shower stalls, such as those in gyms or bathrooms near pools. And, since they need little upkeep, they’re also excellent for bathrooms that are difficult to check and clean often, such as those in public parks. Our solid plastic partitions feature a textured surface and come in 16 different colors. Our solid plastic dividers also come with easy to install pilaster shoes.


Phenolic is a deluxe, high-quality plastic toilet partition material. It combines the moisture and germ resistance of solid plastic with the superior aesthetic of laminate. Our phenolic partitions come in a range of color options, including natural wood and stone patterns. Our phenolic partitions also come with easy-stall stainless steel shoes.

Stainless Steel

As a premium material, our stainless steel models are in the same price range as phenolic stalls. Stainless steel is known for its anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties, as well as its elegance and beauty. Our stainless steel partitions come in a brushed satin finish and can be upgraded to a diamond or leather-textured surface. The sleek, modern look completes a bathroom and will impress even your most valuable customers and clients. Its strength also makes it graffiti resistant. Our stainless steel partitions feature a durable honeycomb core, welded corners and a rigid shoe base.

All our products meet the legal requirements for commercial bathroom stall health and safety. And, built right here in the U.S., our commercial bathroom partitions keep hard-working Americans employed.

Thanks to our local production, we’re sure of the quality and safety of our products, unlike those that come from foreign countries where we can’t control the raw materials.


We understand that bathroom stalls — just like any other business expense — can be costly. And when you finally commit to buying commercial bathroom stall partitions, the last thing you should have to worry about is replacing an entire stall, or even multiple stalls, when one piece goes bad.

Fortunately, One Point Partitions offers a complete selection of commercial restroom stall hardware and parts, so you don’t have to worry about one broken piece affecting your entire setup.

We offer a full selection of commercial bathroom stall parts that allow you to fix your existing partitions. There’s simply no reason to get rid of your existing setup just because some parts are worn out or are accidentally broken by the customers and clients who go in and out of the bathroom every day.

You can even buy commercial bathroom stall panels by themselves which are the barriers that separate each urinal or toilet space. These are the largest parts that makeup bathroom stalls. Commercial bathroom stall doors, which swing inward and outward, are another popular replacement part.

Additionally, we have the pilasters, which are the columns located on either side of the door. This area holds the commercial bathroom stall door hinges and latches to make a “T” shape on the panels.

We make it easy by allowing you to choose from a variety of brackets, anchors and screws to repair your existing commercial bathroom wall partitions. We have all types of brackets available, including alcove, L, U, Y and F. Each one has a specific purpose and can be used with a variety of partition materials.


You can build your own layout for you bathroom via our free quote builder. This online tool walks you through your bathroom design step by step.

bathroom tile trends

The design of a commercial bathroom determines the layout of stalls and privacy partitions. A good layout maximizes the number of toilets and allows traffic to flow through without the bathroom ever feeling cramped. The goal of our complimentary design services is to help you achieve all those goals.

You can also build your own layout for your commercial bathroom using our free quote builder. This online tool walks you through the bathroom design process, one step at a time:

  1. Number of Toilets: The first step is to select the number of toilets and urinal privacy partitions you’ll need. We can create an excellent design for a single stall or many stalls.
  2. Layout: Next, you’ll pick a layout from many popular floor plans. If your commercial restroom needs to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you can filter by ADA-approved designs. You can pick a set up for free-standing stalls or those placed in an alcove, corner or between walls. With this feature, you can easily find a layout that fits your room’s dimensions.
  3. Measurements: Finally, you’ll set custom dimensions for each of your commercial bathroom stalls and privacy screens based on the measurements of your bathroom.

You can add as many rooms as you need and design each layout so it’s specific to your space. To receive a free quote for your design, submit the form with your contact details and our pricing tool will calculate pricing for your custom layout in just a few seconds.

If you need guidance on how to layout your bathroom, you can also take advantage of our expert design team. All you have to do is pick your partition material, upload your drawings and ideas and send your space dimensions and contact details. With this information, our design team can help you create a custom layout that’s perfect for your space. All initial design mockups from One Point Partitions are free.


By choosing us for your commercial bathroom partitions, you get the speed and reliability of a large-scale manufacturer, but also the customer service and support of a small-scale team. And that translates into lightning-fast delivery times on all commercial bathroom stall partition orders.

In fact, we offer fast delivery across 47 states — all of the contiguous United States, with the exception of California. Not only that but our delivery costs are always included in the quote. You will never be left in the dark about what you are going to spend on delivery, allowing you to make a budget and stick to it.

Whether you need bathroom partitions for building out a public restroom in a new or existing space, or you only need commercial bathroom stall hardware, we’ll always get your order to you quickly. Talk to our team today about your partition needs, and we’ll make sure you receive your order, fast.

Light grey bathroom partition design


After you have recieved your order, you’ll be ready to install your partitions. Our Partitions are easy to install without the help of an expert

Hiring contractors

Once you receive your order, the next step is to install your commercial bathroom partitions. Our partitions are easy to install. In fact, you can do it yourself, without the help of an installation expert. So, if you’re simply replacing old bathroom stalls, you can do it yourself. And if you’re hiring a commercial bathroom contractor to remodel or build a new restroom, they’ll be able to install your partitions for you.

When you receive your order, you’ll notice several parts of the partition, including:

  • Panels: These are the barriers that separate every toilet and urinal in a public restroom. They are usually the largest component of a bathroom stall.
  • Doors: The door on each stall can be installed to swing inward or outward.
  • Pilasters: These are the columns on either side of the door; they hold the hinges and latches in place. Each pilaster should make a “T” shape, perpendicular to the panels.
  • Hardware: The hardware includes screws, anchors and brackets. There are several types of brackets — F, Y, U, L and alcove brackets. Each one will attach a partition to a different surface.

Each model has its own installation instructions, so be sure to always look at the directions that come with your order. Some of our models have easy-stall anchors to attach the pilasters to the floor. Each model also has its own hinges and latches, all of which feature vandal-resistant fasteners.

You can find more detailed toilet partition installation instructions on our Installation page. In general, these are the steps for installing your commercial bathroom partitions:

  • When you install brackets, panels or supports, mark the correct hardware position on the floor.
  • Drill the holes for the floor brackets, and remove dust and debris to ensure the screws are tight.
  • With the threaded side facing up, screw the anchors into the floor. Screw a nut loosely into each side and tighten the nuts with a wrench.
  • Using the brackets as a guide, screw holes in the wall to install the brackets.
  • Place two adjustable supports twelve inches off the floor in order to position the panels at the right angle with minimal effort.
  • Position the U- or L-type pilaster-to-panel brackets to hold the panels in place.
  • Mount pilasters onto the floor anchors, and make sure the panels are level before tightening all loose ends.
  • If your configuration involves rear or front headrails, fasten the headrails to each wall and then to each other.
  • Determine the orientation — left-handed or right-handed — of your inswing or outswing hinges before putting your doors in place.
  • Complete the installation of your divider by sliding on the shoes and support brackets.

If you need further guidance with your commercial bathroom partition installation, or if you run into any issues throughout the process, our team is only a phone email or email away, so please contact us.


If your commercial bathroom needs privacy partitions and restroom stalls, trust One Point Partitions. Our dedicated team can help you find the right stalls for your needs and custom design your perfect layout.

We provide custom design mockups so you can build the perfect restroom for your space. We’ll also send free samples of each commercial bathroom partition material we offer to help you decide which one is right for your needs. We want you to be satisfied with your commercial bathroom partitions for years to come, which is why we offer American-made products, ensuring top-quality construction.

Do you have questions for us, or are you ready to get a quote or commercial partitions? You can fill out our contact form, email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-756-6817. Do you have an idea of your budget or the style and colors you want? Click through our selection of bathroom partition walls and see just how many choices are available. You’ll be getting durable, American-made partitions that are easy to install, all of which include a warranty.


Our team here at One Point Partitions goes above and beyond to add the most value for our customers. That’s why we offer free design services, so you can make the most of your commercial bathroom layout. In many cases, we can help you gain precious space with an efficient bathroom divider layout.

Tell us about your project! You can fill out our online quote form or give us a call at 800-756-6817. Do you have an idea of your budget or the style and colors you want? Click through our selection of bathroom partition walls and see just how many choices are available. You’ll be getting durable, American-made partitions that are easy to install, all of which include a warranty.

Once you’ve identified the materials and colors that interest you, let us know and we’ll ship you some free samples. Once you see them in person, you can choose the best solution for your needs. We’ll even integrate the color and material you choose directly into your commercial bathroom design.

Contact us today and we’ll get started right away on your all-new bathroom stall layout.