Bathroom Stall Hardware

Last updated on September 16th, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Bathroom Stall Hardware

The quality of your bathroom stall hardware can make or break your bathroom. While you need quality panels and dividers that are durable and easy to clean, if you don’t choose solid hardware, your partitions won’t last. Here at One Point Partitions, we use hardware that is tested and proven to last. With every custom commercial bathroom order, you get hardware that is:

  • Easy to install, with holes and mounting points pre-drilled
  • Solid and tough, for the rough use commercial bathrooms see
  • Clean and attractive, with appealing finishes that look great
  • Simple to replace, if anything does get broken over time

Some bathroom partition companies cheap out on the hardware and include low-quality hinges, latches, brackets and other hardware components. At One Point Partitions, we’ve built our reputation on delivering top-quality products that last. That’s why we source our bathroom stall dividers and hardware carefully. It’s our way of ensuring you’re getting durable hardware that will be easy to install and won’t give you trouble down the road.

Tested Hardware That’s Built to Last

You trust One Point Partitions to deliver top-quality products, which is why we only trust proven hardware suppliers. Commercial bathroom stalls and partitions take a lot of abuse. Busy bathrooms — in places like shopping malls, schools, stadiums, etc. — can see hundreds and even thousands of users per day. That amount of wear and tear can quickly take its toll on sub-standard hardware.

When you create a custom bathroom layout using our handy online quote tool, we include all of the hardware you need for installation. We even determine how many brackets and anchor points you need, depending on the length and height of your dividers, to support the weight and give you years of durability. Watch the video on our homepage to see the steps involved with installing your hardware and dividers.

A Variety of Durable, Dependable Bathroom Stall Locks by Global

With One Point Partitions as your bathroom stall lock and hardware source, you can feel confident you’re working with experienced, knowledgeable bathroom partition experts. We’re committed to offering only the most exceptional bathroom stall locks and products available — specially manufactured for Global Partitions from quality, durable materials according to the highest standards for lasting performance, dependability and heavy-duty use. All our bathroom stall hardware products are available in a variety of materials including chrome plating, cast stainless steel, stamped stainless steel and aluminum for superior rust, corrosion and damage resistance.

Check out our wide selection of Global Partitions bathroom stall hardware, locks and partition brackets, available in the following popular options:

  • Bathroom Partition Brackets: With our attractive selection of bathroom partition brackets, you can transform the look of your bathroom to feel new again. All our partition brackets are available in a range of different sizes to accommodate any type of bathroom or partition installation. If you’re looking for resilient solutions ensuring lasting results, choose brackets with a continuous channel for additional effectiveness. When you order our bathroom partition bracket products, you’ll also receive a set of security screws. Our security screws feature a specialized design that resists being interfered with to improve the efficiency, service life and functionality of your bathroom partition installations.
  • Toilet Stall Partition Hinges: Our toilet stall hinges are convenient and dependable because of their gravity hinge design that automatically closes the stall without extra effort. Our selection of stall hinges can reliably close all types of bathroom stall doors including standard and ADA-compliant partition doors. For added strength, find toilet stall hinges available in a full-length piano hinge.
  • Bathroom Stall Locks and Latches: Among our most popular bathroom stall hardware options is our selection of stall locks and latches because of their easy installation and use as well as dependable, lasting design. Our bathroom stall locks and latches are available in a variety of construction materials for improved resilience and attractive, professional styles. Like our other bathroom stall hardware products, all of our locks and latches come with tamper-proof installation fasteners that are not only simple and fast to use but ensure safety and security in your bathroom spaces.

With so many different types of bathroom hardware, hinges and locks available, it can be tricky to understand which products will work best for your partition installations. For assistance choosing the right types, materials and quantities for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable, helpful local experts at One Point Partitions — your number one source for bathroom stall locks. We’re available to answer product-specific questions and provide useful data points and free samples.

Only the Best Bathroom Stall Hardware and Locks

When you place your order for your bathroom partitions, you don’t have to worry about ordering the hardware separately. Everything you need to install your stalls is included, including brackets, hinges, latches, handles and screws. We’ve removed the guesswork from ordering, so you can focus on choosing the right style and colors that match your decor. If you lose or break any hardware, we can also provide replacement hardware, making it easier to keep your commercial bathroom in top working order for years to come.

You don’t have to be an expert to choose a custom bathroom layout and install it. Our hardware is designed with precision so that it fits your panels and includes screws for fast and easy attaching of your dividers. You also get a clean, attractive finish that’s easy to clean so that it’s easy to keep your bathroom dividers and hardware looking great for your customers. Come and find out why more and more customers are turning to One Point Partitions and taking advantage of our top quality bathroom partition products and hardware!

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By shopping for all your bathroom stall hardware products at One Point Partitions, you enjoy access to the widest selection of quality locks, brackets and hinges available. If you’re unsure of which products best suit your specific needs and long-term expectations, our team is happy to provide you with a free sample.

Our primary focus is offering our customers proper bathroom stall locks and dependable solutions. Browse our selection today to find bathroom stall hardware for your next installation project — get in touch with us at any time by calling 800-756-6817 or complete our online form to request a free quote.

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