Toilet Partitions

Last updated on May 23rd, 2019 at 02:59 pm

Toilet Partitions

Do you run a commercial property like a retail location or maintain a public space such as a park? If so, what do you think your employees, customers and visitors deserve? Naturally, they deserve the very best.

No matter how clean your floor is or how well-manicured your grounds are, it won’t make a difference if your bathrooms aren’t in tip-top shape. That’s because many people will judge a property based on the state of its bathrooms.

If the toilet partitions in your restrooms are dinged, dented or showing signs of corrosion, what impression will they make on your employees? In many instances, it will show your staff members that you simply don’t care about them or your business. If the latches on your stall doors don’t work, what will your customers and visitors think? It’s likely they’ll think you don’t care about their safety or privacy.

Instead of these unfavorable impressions, you want people to have an immediately positive reaction to your properties.

The Importance of Restroom Stalls

While you may not think much about it, a toilet partition is a vital part of any bathroom. Partitions are what separate one toilet from another, for instance. They’re also what protect people’s privacy and their possessions. Toilet partitions are often what set the tone of a restroom as well.

Because they do so much, it’s essential that you maintain your bathroom stalls. Even if you take excellent care of your restroom partitions, they will experience wear and tear over time. While you may think that’s a bad thing, it’s not. Think of it this way: if your toilet partitions didn’t suffer wear and tear, it would be because no one was using them, which would mean you’re not staffed or attracting visitors to your location.

One Point Partitions: Your Toilet Partition Partner

When it’s time to replace your toilet partitions, you needn’t look beyond One Point Partitions to find a partner you can trust. From the moment you contact our business, you’ll see how much we genuinely care about you and your project. Whether you’re constructing a new bathroom or reworking an existing restroom, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

When you choose One Point Partitions as your trusted partner, you’ll work with a design specialist to create a layout for your restroom based on the measurements of your bathroom. Once the floorplan is approved by you, we’ll put together a mock-up of your bathroom. We don’t charge our clients for our design services or their mock-ups because we’re committed to working with you, not nickel-and-diming you.

We’ll make it easy for you to choose the toilet partitions you want by sending you complimentary product samples. As you’ll see, our bathroom stalls are available in five durable materials, which include powder-coated steel, laminate, solid plastic, phenolic and stainless steel. Just like we offer stalls made with different materials, our partitions are available in a wide array of colors and textures, which makes customizing your bathroom a cinch.

Once you know the toilet partitions you want to install at your location, we’ll ship them to you quickly. While our affordable bathroom stalls are easy to install, we still provide instructional videos on our website. If you have questions, our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to answer them.

About Our Toilet Partitions

The toilet partitions we sell are of the highest quality. Our partitions are made exclusively in the United States by one of the largest partition manufacturers in the nation. Our toilet partitions are backed by a warranty that lasts between three to 15 years depending on the material type you choose.

The restroom stalls we proudly sell are durable, strong and easy to clean. Whether your bathroom is small, large or somewhere in between, our washroom stalls are versatile enough to work in your allotted space. While our stalls are often used to create separate compartments for toilets, they can also be used as shower dividers.

Get a No-Cost, No-Obligation Quote Today

When you reach out to us to get a quote, we don’t keep you waiting. We respond to inquiries quickly because we understand the importance of completing your project on time without any unnecessary or avoidable delays. We respect your time and value your business so you’ll never have to wait long to hear from us.

If you want to get an estimate for your project instantly, you don’t even need to contact us, although you’re always welcome to call or contact us online. You can use our online pricing tool to get a quote for your project immediately. While that’s the case, remember that the actual cost of your project may differ from the quote you get, based on the size and scope of the undertaking.

For more information about our products and processes, contact One Point Partitions today.

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STARTING FROM $375 per stall

The best quality at the lowest possible price. Modern metal partitions are finished using powder coat over galvanized steel yielding a surface resistant to corrosion, grease, acids, mars and stains. The best quality at the lowest possible price.

Economical & durable, 3 year warranty get a quote today!


STARTING FROM $375 per stall

Laminate is a classic toilet partition material that offers many color and pattern choices. The high pressure laminate finishes, bonded under pressure to a solid impact-resistant particle board core, meet or exceed all NEMA standards. Edge banding of all components prior to face lamination ensures optimum water runoff and durability

A classic choice, 5 year warranty get a quote today!


STARTING FROM $450 per stall

Solid plastic is highly resistant to most common cleaners, moisture, mold, mildew and graffiti. This is the ideal material for any shower room, or in any busy public restroom. Solid plastic is extremely durable, does not rust, or easily dent. Available in a wide array of colors.

Very low maintenance, 15 year warranty* get a quote today!


STARTING FROM $700 per stall

Phenolic partitions are the material of choice where durability and strength are required. These partitions are fabricated to stand the test of time. The dense components, combined with stainless steel brackets and fasteners, stand up to the most extreme conditions of moisture and humidity. Phenolic is impact, water, and corrosion resistant, and does not support bacteria.

Durable & contemporary, 10 year warranty get a quote today!


STARTING FROM $700 per stall

The beauty of stainless steel easily compliments any contemporary bathroom interior. Stainless toilet partitions are corrosion resistant, easy to maintain, and also allow for scratches to simply be buffed away. Partitions can be purchased in either satin or textured finishes.

High class & high quality, 5 year warranty get a quote today!

Top Quality to Go With Our Excellent Service

All of our materials are designed to be easy to clean and durable. We’re so sure of the quality of our products that we offer a guarantee on everything we sell. Our wide range means there’s an option for every budget, and our partition prices are very competitive.

But price isn’t the only advantage we offer. With One Point Partitions, you also get:

  • Free design service: One of our expert toilet stall designers will create a unique design that includes your choice of materials and colors in a free mock-up.
  • A wide selection of colors and finishes: Some customers like solid colors while others prefer interesting patterns and finishes. With One Point Partitions, the choice is yours!
  • American-made quality: Manufacturing in the USA means more jobs for Americans and tighter control over the quality and safety of our toilet partitions.
  • Free samples: Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of partition walls to your favorite materials and colors, let us send you some free samples so you can make the best choice.

You can contact our friendly and helpful team either by filling in our online quote form or by giving us a call at 800-756-6817. We’re always ready to discuss your project and can’t wait to work together to create a bathroom partition solution that fits your space, your expectations and your budget.

Don’t settle for standard “catalog” toilet stall partitions that aren’t designed specifically for your needs! Instead, opt for the custom toilet partition design and quality that we’re known for here at One Point Partitions.