Mission White 1010

Almond 4000

Sand 4010

Khaki Brown 4040

Taupe 9096

Green Slate 5093

CrispLinen 1150

Neutral Glace 1130

Western Suede 4110

Spectrum Red 5045

Natural Canvas 4410

Storm Hex 3574

Casual Linen 4538

Satin Stainless 5030

Natural Tigris 4611

Tungsten EV 4801

Carrara Bianco 1096

Burnt Strand 5107

Windswept Bronze 9292

Elemental Concrete 3130

Earthen Warp 4580

Folkstone Hex 3373

Leaf Green 5020

Autumn Indian 9150

Just Blue 5021

Spectrum Blue 5051

Brittany Blue 7010

Navy Grafix 7318

Silver Gray 3000

Dove Gray 3010

Folkstone Celesta 3300

Canyon Zephyr 3713

Vapor Strandz 5039

Windswept Pewter 3849

Storm Solidz 3542

Graphite Grafix 3020

Rustic Slate 5088

Smoke Quarstone 3350

Graphite 2150

Black 2000

Maple 9918

Cherry 9954

Mahogany 9939

Ebony 9500

Asian Night 9550

Washed Knotty Ash 9438

Smokey Brown Pear 9488

Reclaimed Denim Fiber 5271


If your location has a restroom that’s available to the public, it’s often necessary to ensure it’s ADA compliant. If you want to create a handicapped-accessible bathroom or you want to remodel your current restroom so it complies with the law, the design team at One Point Partitions can help.

Using our laminate bathroom stalls, our designers can design a bathroom for your location and create a mockup for you. Our design and mockup services are free to interested parties and we don’t require people to make a commitment to buying our laminate partitions before they use our design services.

We know how important it is to have a vision before you start any kind of construction project. That’s why we’re always happy to create that vision for people who have an interest in our laminate bathroom partitions.

Where They’re Made

Our laminate restroom partitions are made right here in the United States. We’re proud of our country and the hard workers who craft our laminate bathroom stalls, which is why our products are made exclusively in the U.S. Our durable laminate partitions are made to last and they’re backed by one of the country’s largest partition makers: Global Partitions.

Installing Our Laminate Bathroom Partitions

We provide video instructions and ample resources to make installing our laminate restroom partitions a breeze. If you have questions, our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to answer them during the installation process and for however long you have our laminate partitions installed at your property.

Request a Quote

Of course, you can’t install our laminate partitions until you have them. Request a quote for our laminate bathroom partitions now. Pricing starting at $375 per stall.

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