Mission White Laminate Color Sample

Mission White 1010

Almond Phenolic Color Sample

Almond 4000

Sand Laminate Color Sample

Sand 4010

Taupe Laminate Color Sample

Taupe 9096

Crisp Linen Laminate Color Sample

Crisp Linen 1150

Casual Linen Laminate Color Sample

Casual Linen 4538

Satin Stainless Laminate Color Sample

Satin Stainless 5030

carrara bianco colored toilet partition

Carrara Bianco 1096

Burnt Strand Laminate Color Sample

Burnt Strand 5107

Brittany Blue Laminate Color Sample

Brittany Blue 7010

Navy Grafix Laminate Color Sample

Navy Grafix 7318

Silver Gray Laminate Color Sample

Silver Gray 3000

Dove Gray Laminate Color Sample

Dove Gray 3010

Folkstone Celesta Laminate Color Sample

Folkstone Celesta 3300

Canyon Zephyr Laminate Color Sample

Canyon Zephyr 3713

Windswept Pewter Laminate Color Sample

Windswept Pewter 3849

Storm Solidz Laminate Color Sample

Storm Solidz 3542

Graphite Grafix Laminate Color Sample

Graphite Grafix 3020

Smoke Quarstone Laminate Color Sample

Smoke Quarstone 3350

Graphite Laminate Color Sample

Graphite 2150

Black Laminate Color Sample

Black 2000

Asian Laminate Color Sample

Asian Night 9550

Gray Linen Colored Toilet Partition

Gray Linen 3750

Afternoon Nap Colored Toilet Partition

Afternoon Nap 9120

Smoke Colored Toilet Partition

Smoke 8450C

Weathered ash colored toilet partition

Weathered Ash 9842

Aged Ash 9844

Antique Mango 9783

Blue Felt 6320

Cotton Cloth 1681

Flax Linen 4990

Fog 3450

Green Felt 5974

Handspun Chestnut 4036

Handspun Slate 3035

Handspun Pearl 3033

Kingswood Walnut 9218

Liquid Glass 6240

Liquid Glass 6240

Little Black Dress 2100

Love Letters 3003

Neo Walnut 7954

Patine Bronze 4707

Pewter Mesh 5993

Soothing Pebble Beach 4109

Washi Paperfold 5013

Wheat Strand 9110

White Ash 1841


When designing a public restroom, you likely want budget-conscious stalls that fit your brand image. If so, laminate bathroom stall partitions are the way to go. Our laminate partitions are an economical choice with a commercial-grade quality.

Our Moisture Guard™ laminate bathroom stalls have an industry-leading warranty. Edge Banding eliminates the black lines found on most other laminate partitions, and has increased moisture resistance and a beautiful appearance. Their superior construction comes at a fantastic price point.

Benefits of Plastic Laminate Partitions

Are plastic laminate toilet partitions the right fit for your public restroom? Laminate stalls will speak to the interior designer in you and last for years to come.

  • Customization: Our laminate partitions come in 48 stunning colors. Among them are solid color, wood, stone and cloth patterns. Choose from dark designs for a dramatic look or a lighter pattern for a soft, calming appearance. Laminate partitions provide a beautiful aesthetic that can match any color palette or taste.
  • Superior appearance: Traditional black-core laminate partitions reveal black lines at the corners. On our Moisture Guard™ laminate partitions, Edge Banding creates a seamless, beveled edge. This construction makes an already highly customizable, interior design-friendly material even more attractive and high quality.
  • Moisture resistance: Our Moisture Guard™ laminate partitions lock out moisture. The Edge Banding prevents water seepage better than the exposed edges of traditional laminate. While not intended for a wet environment, the design can take on some splashing and steam. In a humid climate, protect your investment with proper ventilation.
  • Average maintenance: Laminate is generally easy to clean. The material will not absorb dirt or stains, and you can wipe it down with mild soap.
  • Affordability: Starting aonly $375 per part, laminate partitions are very affordable. Our laminate bathroom stalls are one step above our most economical partitions. The particleboard core costs less to manufacture, while the thick laminate shell makes them resistant to dirt and grease. With their superior design and color flexibility, laminate partitions are very cost-effective. 
  • Durability: Our plastic laminate partitions have a dense particleboard core. This core ensures a smooth surface that resists warping. The outer layer is a thick vertical grade laminate for a protective barrier. ATSM testing proved our Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding has three times greater durability than traditional laminate. Thanks to an improved design, our laminate partitions have an impressive five-year warranty. That warranty is longer than any other laminate partitions in the industry.

Material Details

The laminates used in our partitions are Formica or Wilsonart, depending on the color choice. The vertical-grade laminate bonds to the particleboard core under high pressure.

  • Reinforced quality material: Our laminate bathroom partitions have one-inch-thick doors and panels. The decorative laminate has a matte finish and wraps around the edges for extra durability. It bonds to a resin-impregnated particleboard core with a 45-pound density. A smooth, warp-resistant base combines with beautiful laminate for a long-lasting attractive partition.
  • Vandal resistance: The fasteners that come with our bathroom stalls are nearly vandal-proof. As you install the brackets, you’ll use a special driver that makes them easy to install, and virtually impossible to remove. You’ll protect your doors and panels against unwanted removal and theft.
  • Easy-install shoes: The laminate pilasters stay firmly in place with our easy-install shoes. You won’t need to drill holes in the pilasters to attach them. The shoes are sturdy stainless steel, with a holding power that keeps your pilasters plumb for years to come.
  • Wraparound hinges: The hinges feature a wraparound construction that clamps to the door and supports. It also has a through bolt that prevents tampering from visitors.
  • Slotted keeper: The keeper that latches the door shut follows ADA requirements. Its slotted design paired with gravity hinges allows for access in case of an emergency.


Wondering if our laminate toilet partitions will fit your restroom? Try our online pricing and layout tool. Using this tool, you can enter the dimensions of your room and select from a variety of popular layouts. You may choose an ADA-compliant layout and are sure to find a design that fits your space. We also offer complimentary custom design services, so you can get a layout guaranteed to fit.

  • Panels: Our laminate partition panels are one inch thick. The particleboard core is 7/8 inches thick, and the outer laminate is 0.050 inches thick. Mount them 12 inches above the finished floor, with equal clearance above and below. At One Point Partitions, you can select a depth for your panels based on the size of your room. Your barriers can be anywhere from 36 to 78 inches deep, depending on the dimensions of your room.
  • Doors: The doors to our laminate partitions also have a thickness of one inch. They should align with the stall panels, mounted 12 inches above the floor with equal clearance on the top and bottom. You can also select a door opening to fit the needs of your space and the number of stalls you want to include. You can choose a door size from 22 to 36 inches.
  • Pilasters: The pilasters or supports that come with our laminate partitions have a finished thickness of one and a quarter inch. In a floor-to-ceiling style installation, they have a maximum height of 108 inches. In a ceiling-hung mounting, they have a maximum height of 108 inches. You’ll need X bracing for any height above 96 inches.
  • Privacy screens: If you would like to include some additional privacy screens in your restroom, you can select from a variety of depths. Your urinal privacy barriers can be anywhere between 18 and 57 1/2 inches deep. They come in three standard heights: 42 inches, 48 inches and 58 inches.
  • Pilaster shoes: Our laminate pilasters fit snugly in the easy-install pilaster shoes. They are three inches tall and made from stainless steel with a satin finish. They stay in place with vandal-resistant screws.
  • Wraparound hinges: Our wraparound hinges are 2 1/8 inches long and 1/8 inches thick. Chromium-plated Zamac ensures they will not rust. They swing freely in two directions around their axis and have a gravity bottom, so they rest in a closed position.
  • Fastening hardware: We use rust-resistant chromium-plated Zamac to make our fastening equipment. The hardware has theft-resistant barrel nuts and shoulder screws.

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