Last updated on July 11th, 2019 at 08:18 pm

When you’re looking for business bathroom partitions for your customers, clients and employees, One Point Partitions has the options you need to find the best solutions. We understand you may want a quick answer to your questions about our products or partitions in general. Check out our FAQs to find the answers to some of our most common questions.

What is a toilet partition?

A toilet partition is a bathroom stall enclosure that provides privacy. Public restrooms often use toilet partitions. You can place fully enclosed spaces in the restroom with different sizes and also install partitions between urinals. Any business or structure open to the public will benefit from these partitions. You can create a clean, attractive space to give anyone who visits your property a comfortable and private area to do their business. Schools, restaurants, retail stores and more all benefit from these simple yet important structures.

No one gives a restroom much thought unless they had a negative experience there. If your current restroom setup is cramped, outdated or dirty, it may be time to replace the partitions. The update shows customers, clients and employees that you care about their needs.

Types of toilet partitions include standard, ADA-compliant or European. While a standard toilet partition features sightlines and a 12-inch gap at the bottom, a European toilet partition offers zero sightlines and a minimal gap. An ADA-compliant toilet partition provides a larger partition size.

Do I need to have a blueprint of the bathroom?

No. Try our pricing tool for automatic prices without the need to create and send in drawings.  Also feel free to call in and speak with a Partition Design Expert.

What’s the lead-time for partition delivery?

Most partitions are delivered in roughly a week.  Delivery location and partitions material type may increase or decrease the leadtime some.  Our quotes will include the estimated delivery time.  We have more colors in stock with a quick leadtime than any other company around.

How do I install my toilet partitions?

We provide installation instructions and also installation videos.  See the installation section of our website here.

While we do not provide partition installation, our resources make it easy to do it yourself. By completing the installation, you can save on labor costs and finish the project without issue. Even if you don’t have much DIY experience, our team is here to help you through the process.

If you have any additional questions about installation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whatever stage you’re at in the installation process, we’re here to answer any additional questions and give you any necessary advice.

What are bathroom partitions made of?

One Point Partitions offers several options for materials for your partitions, including:

  • Powder Coated Steel: Powder coated steel is our most affordable option. Partitions made from powder coated steel are lightweight and resist rust and vandalism. The vandalism protection is a great perk, especially if partitions are in a public space without much supervision. We have several colors and pattern options available in this material.
  • Laminate: Still an affordable option, plastic laminate offers more color and pattern options than powder coated steel. From subtle neutrals to more unique color options, you can find the right look for your bathroom. However, like powder coated steel, plastic laminate does not resist water as well as other materials.
  • Solid Plastic: With excellent durability, a variety of color options and easy cleaning, solid represents both a practical and attractive option for many different settings. When you run a busy business, saving time makes a big difference. As the midpoint in price, solid plastic bathroom partitions are a popular choice for many of our customers.
  • Phenolic Compact Laminate: This material has superior resistance to many elements, including mold, corrosion, heavy use and more. While the higher price point does deter some people, many find the price pays for itself because of its longevity. When you don’t have to worry about replacing your partitions for a while, you can budget and plan for other things for your business or property.
  • Stainless Steel: Our stainless steel has the great durability and longevity. However, those traits do come at the highest price point compared to our other material choices. If you have a higher budget, like the modern, industrial look of stainless steel and need its strength, it’s the perfect option for you.

Each material comes in different color and pattern options and has its own advantages. When you’re deciding which material to choose, you have to consider some different factors — budget, setting, completed look and more.

What kind of material is the most waterproof?

Solid Plastic is the best material for wet areas, including shower areas.

How large are bathroom stall partitions?

There isn’t one answer to this question. At One Point Partitions, we offer custom bathroom partitions. With the ability to customize the size of your bathroom, you can optimize the space to best fit your needs and those of your customers, clients, employees and other visitors.

We will help you design the right size partitions depending on the size of the room. Whether you have more room to play with or have limited space, we’ll create a final product that will offer great functionality for the bathroom. Your vision for your bathroom will reflect in front of you after completed installation.

The thickness of the partitions themselves also varies by material. Since each material has its own unique composition, they will not have the exact dimensions as each other.

To get a price estimate for your project, take advantage of our online pricing tool today.