Last updated on November 30th, 2018 at 08:38 pm

What is a toilet partition?

A toilet partition is a bathroom stall enclosure that provides privacy. Public restrooms often use toilet partitions.
Types of toilet partitions include standard, ADA-compliant or European. While a standard toilet partition features sightlines and a 12-inch gap at the bottom, a European toilet partition offers zero sightlines and a minimal gap. An ADA-compliant toilet partition provides a larger partition size.

Do I need to have a blueprint of the bathroom?

No.  Try our pricing tool for automatic prices without the need to create and send in drawings.  Also feel free to call in and speak with a Partition Design Expert.

What’s the lead-time for partition delivery?

Most partitions are delivered in roughly a week.  Delivery location and partitions material type may increase or decrease the leadtime some.  Our quotes will include the estimated delivery time.  We have more colors in stock with a quick leadtime than any other company around.

How do I install my partitions?

We provide installation instructions and also installation videos.  See the installation section of our website here.

What kind of material is the most waterproof?

Solid Plastic is the best material for wet areas, including shower areas.