Tips to Hire Commercial Bathroom Remodel Contractors


If your business has been treating its bathroom as an afterthought, it may be time to hire commercial bathroom remodel contractors. Apart from taking into consideration essential characteristics such as ADA and fire safety compliance, the design and appearance of your bathroom reflects your overall attention to quality and concern for customer experience. A licensed and bonded professional contractor can help you design and remodel a bathroom that adds to the credibility and appeal of your business.

In addition to their obvious purpose, bathrooms offer a moment of respite and calm to your customers. Cleanliness is paramount, and attractive stalls, changing tables, and fixtures create pleasant associations. Poor impressions can be long-lasting: you likely remember the last time you entered a bathroom at a business to find that the toilet paper had run out, one of the toilets was clogged, or there were wet paper towels all over the floor? Particularly in the restaurant industry, dirty and nonfunctional restrooms can have a detrimental impact on your reputation and even result in lost business.

By hiring commercial bathroom remodel contractors, you’ll gain expert guidance on which bathroom design will be the best fit for your business. You can custom design restrooms that both fit your company’s personality and offer ease of access and sanitation. Here are some ways to get started on your professional bathroom remodel.

Start With Your Own Commercial Bathroom Remodel Plan

Bathroom Partition Pricing and Design

Before you reach out to commercial bathroom renovation contractors, spend some time envisioning the appearance and functionality you will need. You’ll first want to consider whether you need to make any significant repairs to your existing bathroom, as well as how many stall partitions and sinks you wish to have. What kind of customer volume do you have? Before you prep to remodel commercial bathrooms, make sure your new bathroom is designed with your client base in mind.

First and foremost, make sure that your plan is accessible and ADA compliant by researching ADA requirements for commercial restrooms and building in the appropriate features. You’ll also want to have a rough budget and timeline in mind to make sure that the contractor you choose can work within your financial and time constraints.

What kind of look do you want your bathroom to have? Homey? Modern? Retro? Choose materials and colors that reflect your company’s brand.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, One Point Partitions has a free online bathroom layout tool to help your plan come together. Using the tool, you can easily visualize what different colors and materials will look like in your space, as well as experiment with adding different numbers of partitions and fixtures. Our tool truly puts you in the driver’s seat of commercial restroom remodeling.


How to Find Bathroom Remodel Contractors for Your Project

If you’re asking “How can I find the best commercial bathroom remodeling contractors near me?,” there are a few things you should consider. First, think about whether you would like to manage the project on your own and contract out specific features, or if you’d rather have the contractor take charge of the full project. For you, a remodel may be a fun opportunity to personalize or “put your spin” on a project; on the other hand, you may find it stressful to make decisions in an area that is outside your realm of expertise. Decide whether you’d rather have a “take charge” remodeler or a contractor who would be more of a partner.

Most importantly, do your research. Start by conducting “near me” web searches for contractors in your area, as well as checking online review sites such as Google, Yelp, or other sites specific to your industry. Then drill down to view the websites of contractors who have the best reputations. Look for pictures of general contractor bathroom remodels that have the appearance and functionality you’re searching for. Reach out to your friends and industry contacts to ask if they have recommendations as well.

Interview Multiple Commercial Bathroom Remodel Contractors Hiring contractors

Once you’ve narrowed your list down to your top three or so choices, set up interviews with your potential commercial bathroom contractors. After all, there’s only so much you can learn from a website, and your company’s bathroom is an important investment. Any credible contractor will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about your commercial bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Contractor Questions

Make a list of questions to ask your contractors about the bathroom remodel. These should include, at the minimum, the following:

  • Are you licensed? This is a must. At the bare minimum, your contractor must meet the requirements of their licensing agency. You also need to make sure that they are insured so that you are protected in the event of any accidental damage.
  • Who will be working on the project? Will it be you, or will you subcontract the work? You may trust the person you’re speaking with, but how much do you know about the individuals who will actually be carrying out the work? Make sure you feel confident about the entire team before moving forward.
  • What would your typical work schedule be like? Because bathrooms are such an important amenity for businesses, you don’t want yours to be out of commission for too long. You also don’t want to have noisy construction going on while you’re trying to conduct sensitive business or make a tranquil environment for your patrons. Make sure that the hours your contractor keeps are a good match for your business needs.
  • What are your rates? Ask your potential contractors for a written estimate. If you can’t afford them, there’s no point in moving forward. On the other hand, if one contractor charges substantially less than the others, make sure you know the reason for the difference in pricing.
  • How soon can you get started? Determine how soon your remodel needs to happen. Is your bathroom in desperate need of repair, or do you simply want to expand or create a new look? If you need someone right away, a contractor who is already scheduled many weeks or months out won’t be a good fit.
  • Can you provide references from previous jobs? Any contractor worth their salt will be happy to provide references from previous commercial bathroom remodels. Contact the references and ask any questions you may have about the experience of working with a particular contractor and how the project turned out.

In the following sections, we’ll elaborate on further questions you should be sure to ask commercial bathroom remodel contractors.

Verify That they are Licensed Bathroom Contractors

Although there’s a wide range of individuals you could choose for bathroom remodeling construction, all contractors are not created equal by any means. Don’t just take a contractor’s word that they are licensed: ask for their license number and look them up in a license search such as this one for Texas, Florida, or Tennessee. You should also request a certificate of insurance to ensure that you’ll be protected in case of an accident or damage to your property.

Review the Commercial Bathroom Contractors’ Previous Work

Many experienced commercial bathroom remodel contractors will have portfolios of their work that are more extensive than what is provided on their website. As you browse the portfolios, consider the range of work. Do they tend to always do similar projects? If so, is their style or design in keeping with what you’re looking for? Does it appear that they take into account customer feedback and customizations? Are all of their projects ADA compliant, fire safe, and easy to clean?

Discuss Supplying Your Own Bathroom Materials

You may be able to make your project more cost-effective by buying some or all of your own materials. Buying your own supplies not only keeps you in control of the price point but also allows you to better customize the project to suit your own taste and ensure that the materials will arrive on time. Some commercial bathroom remodelers will be open to you buying some or all supplies, whereas others may prefer to use materials with which they are already familiar.

You may wish to order from a specialty vendor that has a wide selection of bathroom partitions for example. When you are interviewing contractors, make sure they are on board if you plan to buy your own materials, and if not, you may want to choose a different contractor. If you do choose to buy supplies, make sure your contractor has the full specs and estimated arrival dates for whatever you purchase.

Get Estimates in Writing for the Bathroom Remodel

To remodel a commercial bathroom is a huge project, so any details on the job should be recorded in writing. This is no time for an informal or spoken arrangement. Make sure that you have the full scope of the project on paper and have reviewed it thoroughly before any work begins. Check not only the financial line items but also the projected work schedule and timeline. Having the written document will protect you in the event that your expectations are not reached and you need to request a refund or further work. As with all contracting, clear communication is crucial.

Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor That is the Best Fit

Now that you’ve interviewed your candidates, looked at their portfolios, and reviewed their written estimates for the job, step back and consider all of the candidates in comparison to one another. There can be quite a range of approaches and results, even within a seemingly niche area such as commercial business remodeling!

Which of the commercial bathroom remodel contractors seems best aligned with your business needs, your vision for your bathroom’s appearance and design, and the timeline and work schedule you need? Were they all professional, receptive to questions, and candid about their experience? Are they open to you buying your own supplies, should you wish to do so, and to receiving feedback throughout the remodel? At this stage, it’s likely that one candidate will emerge as a clear favorite. If not, review their portfolios and estimates again until a frontrunner emerges.

Sign a Bathroom Remodel Contract

Now that you’ve learned how to hire a contractor for a bathroom remodel, it’s important to know how to proceed with the actual work order. It’s imperative that you and your contractor sign a legal contract that conveys the full scope of work before any work begins at your business.

This is your last opportunity to review all of the fine print and ask any last questions you may have before the project commences. Don’t be shy about expressing any questions or concerns you may have. Take this opportunity to make sure you are on the same page about cost, payment schedule, daily schedule, and work start and completion dates before you sign. If you’re satisfied with everything you’re seeing, sign your name, and rest assured that you’ve made the best choice for creating a bathroom that will be a positive reflection of your business.


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