Choosing a Partition that Aligns with Your Office Bathroom Design

Your office space has a lasting impression on employees and customers alike. Keep your professional aesthetic consistent with a thoughtful office bathroom design. The right partition arrangement can enhance your business bathroom décor and elevate the feel of your office washrooms.

Here are a few office bathroom decorating ideas that explore how appealing restroom partitions can boost your business’s overall aesthetic.

What Makes a Good Modern Office Bathroom?

An effective office restroom design combines practicality and attractiveness to create an appealing space for users. Consider the following aspects of commercial restroom design when creating the ideal workplace bathroom for your business.

Design for Optimal Flow

Map out the expected traffic flow in your bathroom at maximum capacity. Focus your work bathroom ideas on the areas that will have the most traffic to use the space effectively. 

Prevent doors from blocking walkways and provide enough space for people to move freely. Your commercial bathroom should prioritize easy movement from the entry to the stalls, then to the sinks, hand dryers, and exit. 

Consider Your Business Aesthetic

Your office bathroom should blend seamlessly with your business branding. If your office is traditional, you may opt for muted colors and softened lines. A more modern office may benefit from sleek, straight lines and stainless steel. Casual business bathroom ideas may include brighter colors or an alcove where people can rest and relax.

Prioritize Cleanliness and Hygiene

Make your office restroom comfortable by prioritizing cleanliness. Use washable textures and materials. Install fixtures and equipment that are easy to use and promote good hygiene. Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to learn which hand washing and drying methods are the most hygienic for your space.

Facilitate comfort and cleanliness with adequate ventilation. An air filtration system that is appropriate for the space can prevent odors from building up.

Install Sufficient Lighting 

Lighting in a restroom must strike a comfortable balance. It can be easy to underestimate the amount of light you need for even a small restroom. 

Insufficient lighting can make the space gloomy, uncomfortable, and difficult to navigate. Harsh, too-bright lighting can be off-putting and create an unpleasant institutional atmosphere.

Opt for soft white or recessed lights that cast a comfortable glow. Employ a combination of overhead lighting for stalls and sconces near the sinks and mirrors. Brighter lighting may be better for large restrooms, while more intimate spaces can successfully use less. Try to mimic the same wavelength and intensity of natural outdoor light.

Enhance Privacy With Quality Partitions

The right partition design, material, and placement can ensure user privacy and comfort in your workplace bathroom. Quality restroom partitions can help enhance your office environment while providing critical coverage. 

Bathroom partitions come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes. When selecting partitions for your business, consider the available space, capacity, and flow. Choose materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Ensure that your partition colors blend with the décor and support your desired business aesthetic.

multiple toilet partitions


What Is Proper Business Bathroom Décor?

Not all bathroom décor is right for every business. When reviewing bathroom decorating ideas, choose items consistent with your business’ professional identity. 

Decorative items that may enhance your commercial bathroom design include: 

  • Flowers: A classic addition to any business restroom, flowers can be fresh or artificial. If you opt for fresh flowers, be sure to change them out regularly. Clean artificial flowers frequently to avoid dust buildup.
  • Indoor plants: Living greenery can complement natural, classic, or modern office restroom designs. If you don’t want to deal with upkeep, artificial plants can be just as effective. 
  • Furniture: Consider adding a seating area with a small couch or chairs and a small table. A small rest area in an alcove or just outside the restroom provides a comfortable spot for people to wait. 
  • Artwork: Painting, sculptures, and other artwork afford an excellent opportunity for aesthetic expression. Consider artwork that accentuates the environment and forwards your brand message.
  • Light fixtures: Light fixtures can enhance the ambiance of your business restroom all on their own. Opt for fixtures consistent with your office’s appearance. For example, recessed lighting may be ideal for a modern style, while traditional wall sconces provide a softer, more traditional feel. 
  • Mirrors: Mirrors improve light flow and create a sense of openness in limited restroom spaces. Select a mirror design that is compatible with your décor and available space. 

Choosing a Partition for Your Office Bathroom Design

Effective office bathroom designs rely on the perfect blend of practicality and appearance. Bathroom partitions are a critical focal point in your commercial bathroom design. Below are some excellent partition design ideas for your workplace restroom.

Sleek and Ultramodern

Partitions in stainless steel or darker shades can present a clean, sleek look that pairs perfectly with your ultramodern office setting. Accent the room with modern art, clean lines, and straight bar light fixtures. Add stainless steel sinks and fixtures to finish the look.

Stainless steel partitions offer the perfect blend of modernity and durability with smooth or textured surfaces. For a darker shade, opt for a refined black or charcoal phenolic partition design.

Back to Nature

laminate partition with wood grain patterns or natural colors like brown, tan, and sage green can create a wholesome natural environment in your office restroom. Open the space with landscape paintings, broad spectrum overhead lighting, and strategically placed greenery. Complete the natural look with wood or natural stone accents.

Tasteful Retro

Incorporate bright colors and geometric patterns to create a playful retro look. Lean into the design with solid plastic partitions in burgundy, azure, or caramel. Tastefully accent the design with geometric shapes, checkered floor tiles, and vintage artwork. 

Classic Elegance

Give your restroom an elegant and classic professional appearance with a gray or light blue powder-coated partition. Use simple décor to create a sense of calm and efficiency. Use white or marble sinks and countertops with brushed nickel fixtures. Consider adding neutral artwork and wall sconces to create a casually elegant air.

Make Your Work Office Bathroom Idea a Reality

Whether you’re designing a new office restroom space or considering a remodel, your office bathroom ideas should start with a quality partition. At One Point Partitions, we offer an extensive range of commercial bathroom partition designs, materials, colors, and finishes to meet your needs.

Use our free online tools to submit your bathroom plans or request a quote for your desired commercial bathroom partition. Find out how we can help make your ideal office bathroom a reality.