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Wichita Restroom Partitions

You’re not just a business owner or manager. You’re also a consumer. As such, what would you think if you walked into a commercial bathroom and it looked shabby? If you’re like a lot of other people, your experience in the restroom would probably influence your overall perception of the establishment.

Just like another business’ restroom will impact your impression of the entity, your bathroom affects the way your customers feel about your brand. If your bathroom isn’t well-stocked, it might make visitors think your business won’t deliver on its promises. A restroom that’s dated may give the impression your establishment is out of step with the times.

You put a lot of thought into the forward-facing aspects of your business like your logo and signage. Don’t your bathrooms deserve the same kind of attention so that they make a similar positive impression?Wichita Kansas Skyline at Night

Toilet Partitions for Wichita-Area Businesses

One Point Partitions has provided toilet partitions for Wichita-area businesses for years. As one of the nation’s leading providers of restroom stalls, we serve businesses in an array of verticals. Here are some of the types of establishments that have installed our high-quality, durable partitions:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Night clubs
  • Churches
  • Department stores

It’s not just organizations that have public bathrooms that use our stalls. You’ll also find our partitions in headquarters where restrooms are only available to employees. Even when your bathrooms aren’t accessible to the public, it’s still essential for them to look great and convey a sense of safety so that your staff members know you care and take pride in your operation.

Bathroom Partitions for Wichita Contractors and Property Managers

If you build new construction or remodel properties, you needn’t look beyond One Point Partitions to find great-looking partitions for your current or upcoming projects. Our stalls are available in five material types — powder coated steel, laminate, solid plastic, phenolic and stainless steel — and a pleasing array of colors like dark khaki, pepper dust, sage and metallic silver. This variety makes our partitions the perfect choice for any aesthetic.

Whether you manage a residential or commercial property, your restrooms are a direct reflection of the location you oversee. To attract and retain tenants, you need to make sure your bathrooms are in good condition at all times and demonstrate the level of care you expect your tenants to uphold. We’ll deliver restroom partitions to your Wichita location that will make your property stand out from the pack.

The One Point Partitions Experience

When you choose One Point Partitions for new bathroom stalls, you’ll work one-on-one with a design consultant to create a floorplan for your restroom.

If you’re struggling to decide which partitions you want, we’ll send you free samples of our American made, ADA-compliant stalls. Do you have a tight deadline? You can expect to receive your durable, nice-looking partitions at your Wichita, KS, location within five to seven days. And there’s no fee for shipping!

Don’t wait any longer. Get a quote to have American-made toilet partitions delivered to your location now.

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