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Pittsburgh Restroom Partitions

With the city’s professional sports teams having won multiple Super Bowls, Stanley Cups and World Series over the years, it’s no wonder that Pittsburgh earned the well-deserved nickname of The City of Champions. If you run a business in the city, you know that nickname is also appropriate because Pittsburgh is a great place for businesses to champion their goods or services.

While Pittsburgh used to be synonymous with the steel industry, the city is now home to many organizations competing in other industries, including the technology and medical verticals. No matter what kind of business you own or manage, it’s vital that you have nice-looking, secure restrooms for your employees and customers to use. Your bathrooms are an extension of your brand, after all.

One Point Partitions: Your Source for Toilet Partitions in Pittsburgh and Nearby AreasPittsburgh City Skyline from Mount Washington

Your Pittsburgh restroom partitions go a long way toward setting the tone for the experience people will have when they use your washrooms. For this reason, you need to order the best stall and urinal dividers available, which is exactly what One Point Partitions sells. Our dividers are manufactured in the United States and backed by a warranty you can count on.

In addition to being American-made, our durable restroom dividers are competitively priced and ADA-compliant. The partitions we sell are versatile — so much so that you can even use them as shower stalls! Available in five material types and an eye-catching palette of colors and visual textures, our bathroom partitions are the perfect complement to any washroom setting.

When you place an order with us, you’ll receive your bathroom partitions at your Pittsburgh-area location within five to seven days. Just like we don’t charge for shipping, we offer free product samples, complimentary design consultation and a free design drawings.

From the moment you reach out to One Point Partitions, you’ll enjoy dedicated customer service that will exceed your expectations with every interaction. If you don’t have a floor plan for your bathroom, you can work one-on-one with a designer who will help you make the most of the space that’s available for your bathroom build-out, retrofit or remodel.

Types of Organizations That We Proudly Serve

Given the variety you’ll discover in our inventory, our washroom dividers are the perfect choice for many types of businesses. Here are some examples of the organizations we have the privilege of shipping bathroom partitions to:

  • Quick- and full-service eateries
  • Gyms
  • Religious centers
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Movie theaters
  • Hotels and motels
  • Medical facilities
  • Contractors and remodelers
  • Property management companies

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We know cost is a factor for many businesses regardless of whether they’re building a new washroom or remodeling an existing one. That’s why we make it a cinch to get a free, no-obligation quote right on our website.

If you don’t have the specs for your bathroom, we encourage you to give us a call so that you can discuss your project with one of our partitions experts and get an idea of how much new, high-quality partitions will cost. We look forward to shipping bathroom partitions to your Pittsburgh-area location in the days ahead.

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J. Lewis

Been dealing with partitions on jobs for years. Getting the shop drawings, color samples, etc. is usually a weeks long ordeal where I have to call and prod people to send stuff a hundred times, then getting any kind of revision is a nightmare.


I was really pleased with how well One Point (Brian) handled this job, it was quite a mess getting the details all worked out and every revision I requested was redrawn and in my email within a matter of a couple hours, I had the color samples in hand in a matter of 2 days or something like that. Made for a really smooth running item. (to be clear, the mess I mentioned was not One Points fault, just a lot of headaches at the site)


As a PM for a pretty large company, time is money and every time I get stuff without having to remind people a hundred times…I am a happy guy lol.


I recommend these guys and I appreciate the quick service they provide.

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