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✔ Expect to receive your Las Vegas restroom partitions in seven to nine business days.
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✔ Enjoy free product samples and a complimentary design of your restroom stalls.

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Las Vegas Restroom Partitions

Las Vegas earned the nickname “Sin City” years ago when it was known as the gambling capital of the world. Many people still associate Vegas with glitz and glamour, even if its image has softened a bit in recent years. It’s now widely recognized as a family-friendly city almost as readily as it’s touted for its action-packed casinos, headliner shows and bustling nightlife.

With Las Vegas attracting such a wide array of visitors, it’s only natural that there are all sorts of businesses ready to cater to them all. If you operate one of those area businesses, you need Las Vegas bathroom partitions that are aligned with your brand. Whether your location is understated or outlandish, One Point Partitions has toilet partitions for your Las Vegas-area business that will make your restrooms a natural and seamless extension of your brand.

About Our Las Vegas Toilet PartitionsLas Vegas Nevada downtown city street businesses

We carry different types of toilet and urinal dividers. Here are the materials our washroom partitions are available in:

  • Stainless steel
  • Phenolic
  • Solid plastic
  • Laminate
  • Powder-coated steel

It’s not just the material that distinguishes one bathroom divider from another. Our washroom partitions are also offered in a generous selection of colors and visual textures. Ivory essence, hunter green, cream, mocha, dove gray and natural canvas are just a handful of the many colors you can choose from.

What to Expect From One Point Partitions

When business owners and managers go shopping for bathroom partitions in Las Vegas and nearby areas, they typically have high expectations. But, while others might be intimidated by their demands, One Point Partitions rises to the challenge and labors to exceed those expectations at every turn.

One way we satisfy our valued clients is by providing high-quality toilet partitions to Las Vegas-area businesses. Our partitions are manufactured in the United States and they’re compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind when you place an order with us because every partition we sell comes with a standard warranty.

Whether you’re building a new restroom or you have plans to renovate an existing one, we’ll provide a complimentary design consultation. If you’re unsure which dividers will work best at your Vegas location, don’t worry! We’ll send free product samples so you can make the right choice.

We even offer fast and free shipping. In fact, you can expect your new, affordably priced Las Vegas bathroom partitions to be delivered to your location within seven to nine business days of placing your order.

Find Out How Much Your Stall Dividers Will Cost Now

It doesn’t matter if your washroom has one stall or many toilets and several urinals — we have the bathroom partitions you need to carry your aesthetic over to your restroom. To get an approximate idea of how much your new toilet and urinal dividers will cost, request a quick quote online now.

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