Stainless Steel Toilet Partition


This price is for a single stainless steel toilet partition part. Stall part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required). We provide design and layout-based pricing at no charge or obligation. Our pricing tool will allow you to select your bathroom layout and give you the exact pricing for stainless steel toilet partitions. Use our pricing tool today to get your custom design and quote!

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Stainless steel toilet partitions are optimal for creating a clean and sleek bathroom experience for employees and customers, regardless of your business. They’re resistant to vandalism, heavy wear and tear and noise while pairing well with most flooring types. Stainless steel partitions are durable and long-lasting. Our five-year manufacturer warranty makes them the perfect choice for high-traffic bathrooms.

All of our partitions are manufactured here in the USA and designed for easy installation. When you order your stainless steel toilet partitions, they’ll be delivered complete with a step-by-step manual and complimentary online videos.


Choosing stainless steel restroom partitions for your commercial restroom comes with many advantages.


Our stainless steel toilet and urinal dividers are resistant to rust despite the humidity and dampness that are present in many bathrooms. These dividers are also easy to maintain and clean. If you encounter any scratches, you can perform some simple buffing to return stainless steel toilet stalls in a like-new condition.


Today, people want to know that their employers and the companies they do business with uphold the value of sustainability. With highly recyclable stainless steel partition walls, you can demonstrate your concern for the environment.


These stainless steel bathroom partitions meet class A fire rating mandates and are also compliant with ADA and OSHA standards. At One Point Partitions, we make it easy to satisfy requirements and meet your employees expectations.


We offer only high-quality, durable stainless steel partitions made right here in America and backed by one of the largest partition factories in the U.S.


To determine the exact cost of replacing your bathroom partitions, use our online pricing tool, which will allow you to select your bathroom layout and desired partition materials. It will then give you an exact estimate for your new bathroom partition order.

If you don’t have a firm design in mind for your upcoming bathroom redesign or build, we suggest you contact our team to get a no-obligation quote. We’ll prepare an estimate based on the specs you provide. Keep in mind that the numbers may change depending on the scope of your finalized plans.

Contact us to discuss your bathroom project today! We look forward to helping you design the perfect restroom for your needs.

Reinforced Quality Material
Our #304 stainless steel partitions feature stretcher leveled quality stainless steel, formed and bonded under pressure with a non-toxic adhesive to a sound-deadening, resin-impregnated full-face honeycomb core.

Heavy-Duty Steel Hardware
Door hardware includes a hinge that’s die-cast, chromium-plated Zamac with gravity-acting cam as well as wraparound flanges, recessed upper as well as lower door hinges and a coat hook, stop, bumper, keeper and concealed latch that grants emergency access.

Panel and Pilaster Brackets
Brackets are chromium-plated, die-cast Zamac, and stirrup brackets are mounted with chrome-plated steel that includes vandal-resistant fasteners. Brackets are attached to the wall with heavy-duty screws and plastic anchors.

Vandal Resistance
Our partitions include chromium-plated vandal resistance fasteners, screws and plastic anchors to protect against any damage, keeping them long-lasting.


  • -Door and panel molding corners welded to each other and to face sheets, ground smooth to form a rigid frame around the component.
  • -Material is ideal for toilet partition installations, especially in environments with high abuse and high moisture.
  • -Stirrup brackets with a jack bolt, for leveling during installation and permanent height adjustment, will be welded within both top and bottom of each pilaster.

Doors and Panels
1” thick with edges that seal with a 22-gauge stainless steel interlocking molding.

Pilaster Shoes
Stainless steel 4” high with a #4 satin finish.

1-1/4” thick and constructed of two sheets of 22-gauge stretched leveled stainless steel.

Stirrup Brackets
2 1/8” long die-cast, chromium-plated Zamac and 1/8” thick. They will be mounted with chrome-plated steel vandal-resistant fasteners.

Pilaster Fastening Method

  • -Securely and rigidly fastened the ‘L’ anchors to the floor with provided screws
  • -Use the 4” high stainless-steel shoes to cover anchoring.
  • -Two wall brackets used at the pilaster to wall connection.


  • -All compartments will be installed in a rigid, straight, plumb and level manner with steel.
  • -All doors and panels will be mounted at 12” above the finished floor unless otherwise specified.
  • -Clearance at vertical edges of the door shall be uniform top to bottom.

#4 satin