Laminate Toilet Partition


This price is for a single stall part. Part choices are Door, Panel, or Pilaster (qty 3 part minimum purchase required). Our pricing tool will allow you to select your bathroom layout and give you the exact pricing. Use our pricing tool today to get your custom design and quote! We provide design and layout-based pricing at no charge or obligation.

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Our laminate toilet partitions come in 48 different style options, including colors, patterns and wood designs. Remember to consider how your floor and wall colors will pair with your laminate toilet partition selection — or reach out to us for suggestions! Our 15-year manufacturer warranty makes them perfect for stores, school bathrooms, high-traffic office buildings and more.

Our manufacturer is 100 percent USA-based, and all partitions come with a step-by-step installation guide.

Whether you’re looking to rebuild your commercial bathroom or construct one from the ground up, we recommend reading up on our partition offerings. You can secure these laminate toilet partitions to the floor and wall. We pre-design our partitions for easy installation too, so your team can install them without professional help if you choose to.

This laminate material is one of our most cost-effective options. It’s perfect for more modest budgets but still provides top-quality results. When you purchase your laminate toilet partitions from us, they’ll come with an installation guide and links to online video tutorials.

Get an accurate price estimate by using our online pricing tool for an exact quote. Input the number of partitions you’ll need and the material you desire, and you’ll be all set. Explore our laminate toilet partition color options and check out our easy-to-use pricing tool right away!

Reinforced Quality Material
Our laminate toilet partitions feature 1” thick doors and panels constructed of plastic laminate that’s decorative and bonded with a non-toxic adhesive under pressure to a 7/8” particle board core. The laminate is 0.050” with a matte finish, and the core has 45-pound density, with a resin impregnated particle board.

Heavy-Duty Laminate Hardware
Door hardware includes chromium-plated, die-cast Zamac hinges with gravity-acting cam and wraparound flanges. The side latch, strike/keeper and hinders are through-bolted onto doors and pilasters. They’re fabricated from a die-cast aluminum alloy with a brushed finish and wraparound flanges.

Panel and Pilaster Brackets
Stirrup brackets are 2 1/8” long chromium-plated, die-cast Zamac and 1/8” thick. They’re mounted with through bolts that are vandal-resistant, chrome-plated steel. Brackets are attached to the adjacent wall construction with 2 ½” chrome-plated steel screws and plastic anchors.

Vandal Resistance
Our partitions include vandal resistance fasteners, screws and plastic anchors to protect against any damage, keeping them protected, durable and long-lasting.


  • -Face surfaces to overlap all edges so that joints between laminates fall on the edge surface of components only.
  • -Doors recessed to accept hinges within the door and yield bi-directional operation about an axis within the plane of the door.
  • -Pilasters — floor anchored with a headrail top brace. The finished thickness is 1-1/4”.

Doors and Panels

  • -Doors and panels constructed of plastic laminate that’s decorative and 1” thick.
  • -Bonded with a non-toxic adhesive under pressure to a 7/8” particle board core.

Pilaster Shoes

  • -Stainless steel with a #4 satin finish.
  • -Anchored to the pilaster with #10 stainless steel screw.


  • -Constructed of 1-1/4” decorative laminate.
  • -Easy-Stall mounting system is now standard for the laminate stalls.

Stirrup Brackets
2 1/8” long chromium-plated, die-cast Zamac and 1/8” thick, mounted with chrome-plated vandal-resistant screws.


  • -All compartments will be installed in a rigid, straight, plumb and level manner.
  • -All doors and panels will be mounted at 12” above the finished floor.
  • -Clearance at vertical edges of the door shall be uniform top to bottom.

Almond 4000

Asian Night 9550

Autumn Indian 9150

Black 2000

Brittany Blue 7010

Burnt Strand 5107

Canyon Zephyr 3713

Carrara Bianco 1096

Casual Linen 4538

Cherry 9954

Crisp Linen 1150

Dove Gray 3010

Earthen Warp 4580

Ebony 9500

Folkstone Celesta 3300

Graphite 2150

Graphite Grafix 3020

Green Slate 5093

Khaki Brown 4040

Mahogany 9939

Maple 9918

Mission White 1010

Natural Canvas 4410

Natural Tigris 4611

Navy Grafix 7318

Neutral Glace 1130

Reclaimed Denim Fiber 5271

Rustic Slate 5088

Sand 4010

Satin Stainless 5030

Silver Gray 3000

Smoke Quarstone 3350

Spectrum Blue 5051

Storm Solidz 3542

Taupe 9096

Tungsten EV 4801

Vapor Strandz 5039

Washed Knotty Ash 9438

Western Suede 4110

Windswept Bronze 9292

Windswept Pewter 3849

Burgundy 5450

Stepping Stone 9570

Gray Linen 3750

Afternoon Nap 9120

Smoke 8450C

Navy Blue 7450C

Weathered Ash 9842