High traffic bathrooms — whether in a shopping mall or stadium — often undergo extensive wear and tear from high usage. When your bathroom sees hundreds or even thousands of users regularly, fasteners inevitably come loose or wear out over time.

Leaving weak or broken bathroom fasteners in place is not visually appealing, and it compromises the integrity of the partition door as well as visitors’ perceptions of a facility. If it’s time to give your bathroom hardware an overhaul, One Point Partitions carries a wide range of tools and fasteners for any size repair or replacement job.

Benefits of Partnering With One Point Partitions

Here at One Point Partitions, we want you to trust the quality of our bathroom fasteners. We’ve carefully sourced our hardware and tested it to ensure every piece is:

  • Easy to install.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to maintain.

As your centrally located provider, we make it easy for you to find the bathroom partition fasteners you need in the quality that you deserve.

Bathroom Partition Fasteners From Top Quality Manufacturers

It’s essential to find the right bathroom fastener for your new restroom build-out, retrofit or replacement project. The right tools will help you get your partitions fully functional in as little time as possible. Choose from the following fasteners:

  • Tools and bits: Install your partitions with ease with our inventory of tools and bits. From screw removers to six-lobe fasteners, we have the tools you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
  • Anchors: With plastic and steel anchor options available, you’ll be able to fasten restroom partitions with the level of security you need.
  • Barrel nuts: Our barrel nuts come in both stainless steel and chrome-plated steel. These nuts, which function as fasteners when installing stalls, come in Phillips-head, one way, six-lobe and unslotted varieties.
  • Machine screws: Machine screws, which we offer in chrome-plated steel and stainless steel, are commonly used when installing surface-mounted slide latches.
  • Sheet metal screws: Our sheet metal screws come in your choice of six-lobe, Philips and one way. Choose from materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Shoulder screws: We carry both a one way and six-lobe variety of shoulder screws in various finishes.

We also carry miscellaneous fastening devices ranging from treated wire to washers, as well as screw packs that include necessities like latches and hinges in one convenient package.

What You Can Expect When You Partner With One Point Partitions

If you need assistance with choosing bathroom partition fasteners, our team of experts can help you determine the best type and materials for your project. We offer a free design consultation and free samples so you can feel confident before making your final decision.

You can also use our online quote tool to receive an estimate on your project. In addition to generating a rough quote for forming cost expectations, this tool also provides you with additional details such as how much hardware you’ll need to complete the job.

Get Started on Your Partition Project Today

If you need help giving your commercial bathroom the perfect layout, One Point Partitions has your back. From designing and ordering to delivery and installation, one of our experts will guide you every step of the way. To get started on your next bathroom partition job, contact us today.