Bathroom Partition Headrails 

Toilet partition headrails refer to the overhead system for commercial restroom partitions. Located at the top of the toilet partition’s pilasters, partition headrails provide support for the structure and can be cut to fit during installation or by the manufacturer. All headrails for toilet partition stalls from One Point Partitions are cut for easy installation and are in stock for fast delivery.

Headrail and Headrail Parts From One Point Partitions

Choose from the following bathroom handrail options:

  • Headrails: Headrails from One Point Partitions are available for multiple thicknesses of pilaster posts and come in clear anodized aluminum. Bathroom partition headrails are used as overhead bracing for bathroom stalls.
  • Headrail brackets: You can use toilet partition headrail brackets to attach the headrail to the wall. Bathroom partition headrail brackets are available in various finishes and materials, including #4 satin-finish stamped stainless steel and chrome-plated Zamac.
  • Headrail curtain track and hooks: Headrail curtain hooks and tracks are add-ons available for our toilet partition headrail. Headrail parts are available in clear anodized aluminum.
  • Headrail end plugs: Bathroom partition headrail end plugs cover the headrail’s opening and slip into the headrail to achieve a neat appearance. Finishes and materials include gray nylon and chrome-plated Zamac.
  • Headrail mounting packs: Bathroom partition headrail mounting packs are available in various finishes and materials, including stainless steel in satin, Zamac plated with polished chrome and clear anodized aluminum. You can use mounting packs to attach the toilet partition headrail to the wall and the pilaster post’s tip.

Trust One Point Partitions for Your Headrail Parts

One Point Partitions has been providing premium bathroom headrails and other bathroom stall hardware solutions since 2007. With every commercial restroom order, you’ll get hardware that is solid, clean, easy to install and simple to replace. As a centrally located provider of bathroom and toilet partitions all over the U.S., One Point Partitions provides solutions for a wide range of industries — including schools, churches, offices, stadiums and beyond.

When you choose us for your bathroom partitions and hardware solutions, including headrail and headrail parts, you’ll enjoy:

  • American-made partitions with standard warranties, five different material types and multiple color options.
  • Reliable one-on-one service from industry experts.
  • Free delivery, industry-leading turnaround times and equipment compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Free samples, no-obligation quotes and competitive pricing.
  • Hardware products and bathroom partitions backed by one of the largest partition factories in the country.
  • Free initial design mock-ups and a free design consultation with a member of our expert team.

Order Bathroom Headrails for Your Facility Today

At One Point Partitions, we want to make it easy to install our commercial bathroom products. Feel free to check out our installation guide, which contains instructions to ensure you properly install your bathroom partition headrails. For more information or help with the installation process, schedule a free consultation with a member of our team.

If you’d like to request a quote on one of our headrails or headrail parts, reach out to a One Point Partitions representative today.