Hinges and Hinge Parts

When building high-traffic bathrooms, whether in a stadium or school, you need durable hinges and hinge parts that can withstand heavy usage from hundreds or thousands of visitors a day.

Here at One Point Partitions, we carefully source and test our inventory of bathroom hinges to provide you with quality hardware that’s easy to install yet solid and durable enough to provide long service life.

Choosing Bathroom Hinges and Hinge Parts

Usually, commercial bathroom partitions use gravity hinges, a style that closes on its own. There are many types of hinges and hinge parts to choose from, though. To help you figure out how many pieces of hardware you need and receive an estimate, check out our online quote tool.

Providing Top Quality Bathroom Hinges for Partitions All Over the Country

Hinges and hinge parts are essential for new restroom build-outs, retrofits or replacements. Here are some types you’ll have access to:

  • Surface-mounted hinges: These hinges feature an active top hinge and an inactive bottom hinge. Choose from materials and finishes ranging from #7 polished stainless steel to chrome-plated brass.
  • Aluminum hinge sets: These hinges also feature an active top hinge and an inactive bottom hinge. Options include clear anodized as well as bright drip anodized finishes.
  • Piano hinges: This style, which is surface mounted, comes in materials and finishes such as clear anodized aluminum and #4 satin-finish stainless steel.
  • Replacement pivot hinge packs: Depending on which pack you choose, you can expect to receive a new wraparound pivot hinge as well as the parts needed to replace it. Choose from a range of materials and finishes such as chrome-plated cast Zamac.
  • Pintles, cams, pins and bushings: These bathroom stall hinge parts are usually made out of different materials such as zinc-plated steel, plastic, carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Pivot hinges (square post): These pivot hinges are designed specifically to be used on partitions with square edges.
  • Pivot hinges (round post): For partitions with rounded edges, these hinges will work the best.
  • Pivot hinges (flats): This is the style you need if the partitions have flat edges. Options range from polished chrome to stainless steel.
  • Door inserts: Door inserts are utilized alongside gravity wraparound pivot hinges and stall hinge parts. You’ll have plenty of materials and finishes to choose from, such as brushed satin-finish Zamac.
  • Integral hinge set: These hinges are usually used on solid plastic partitions. The set includes a stainless spring, stainless steel set screws, stainless steel pins, nylon cam, nylon pin and nylon pintle.

Partner With One Point Partitions to Design a Functional and Stylish Bathroom

Whether you are replacing or redoing a public, church, office or school bathroom, One Point Partitions will take the time to understand all aspects of your project so we can help you. Trust our team of local experts to help you narrow down your options and find the best bathroom hinges for your partition installation needs and budget.

We’ll help you get your bathroom hinge project completed. Reach out today to get started.