Pilaster Anchor Packs and Parts 

Regardless of the industry you’re in, building a commercial bathroom means you need quality bathroom stall hardware that can withstand heavy traffic. One Point Partitions carries an extensive range of pilaster anchor parts and packs so you can easily secure your pilaster posts to either the bathroom floor or wall.

We carefully source our hardware and subject it to thorough testing to ensure we sell only the highest quality parts on the market. The result is long-lasting partitions that can withstand heavy use on a daily basis.

When you need pilaster anchor packs and parts for a stadium, school, mall or other public space, we have you covered.

Browse Pilaster Anchor Packs Designed to Save You Time and Money

Here at One Point Partitions, we ensure our pilaster anchor packs contain the hardware you need to assemble and install your partitions with ease. We have a range of options, including:

  • Pilaster anchoring packs: In your pilaster anchoring pack, you’ll find a wide range of configurations and styles to help you get the job done. These packs can be purchased in multiple material and finish combinations, including stainless steel and chrome-plated Zamac.
  • Pilaster anchoring parts: Our anchoring parts packs come with pilaster mounting bars, pilaster support brackets and pilaster anchor brackets. We have a range of materials and finishes to choose from, including unplated pieces and options in stainless steel.
  • Pilaster mounting bars: With sizes ranging from 3 to 24 inches, we have the bars you need to tackle your project. These bars come in steel to deliver strength and durability.
  • Pilaster shoe packs: With this pack, you’ll receive a 37000 series pilaster shoe and an anchoring kit. If your post measures 1 1/4 inches, installation will require routing. The stainless steel hardware is available in multiple finishes, including #4 satin.

Partner With a Team of Partition Experts on Your Next Project

Partnering with One Point Partitions on your next project gives you access to our knowledgeable team. Our local partition experts are available to help you sort through our pilaster anchor packs and parts and help you figure out which would work best for your installations. We’ll assist you in choosing the proper quantities and materials so you can get your commercial bathroom project completed as soon as possible.

We also offer an online quote tool, which lists how much hardware you’ll need for your custom layout and provides a detailed cost estimate for the project.

Order Your Pilaster Anchor Packs and Parts Today

If you’re ready to get started on your partition project, we’re here to help. As one of the largest bathroom stall distributors in the United States, we equip our customers to find exactly what they need to install new partitions and complete bathroom retrofits, replacements and new build-outs.

We’ll be by your side from the initial design stages until your products are delivered. Reach out today if you have any questions or if you’d like to receive a free sample of any of our products.