Bathroom Partition Privacy Strips 

When trying on clothes in department store dressing rooms or using bathroom facilities in a public space, guests expect privacy. Privacy strips are designed to eliminate — or eradicate — gaps between dividing panels or at either side of the stall’s door. Since 2007, One Point Partitions has provided businesses all across the U.S. with bathroom privacy strips to provide long-lasting, efficient privacy solutions for guests.

We understand that factors such as the multiple methods of latching and hinging bathroom doors, as well as the various materials used in the construction of these stalls, can factor into how you choose the best strip for your setup. That’s why we design our bathroom privacy strips to overlap any gaps that may appear under restroom partitions — no matter the material or latch design of the stall.

Bathroom Privacy Strips From One Point Partitions

At One Point Partitions, we feel confident that our bathroom privacy strips are ideal for commercial bathroom facilities everywhere. Privacy strips make excellent additions to bathroom replacements, retrofits and build-outs. To provide you with long-lasting privacy strips that offer exceptional ease of installation, we’ve partnered with Jacknob, a reputable supplier of high-quality bathroom partition hardware with over 60 years of experience in the industry.

You can use bathroom partition privacy strips from Jacknob to cover the gap between the pilaster post and door on toilet stalls. With their 1/8-inch offset for easy fitment and clear anodized aluminum construction for durability, these strips will provide a long service life. We offer privacy strips in 60- and 72-inch lengths to fit your space.

One Point Partitions Provides High-Quality Privacy Strips for Restrooms Across the Country

For assistance choosing the right hardware pieces, materials and quantities for your next bathroom project, rely on One Point Partitions. As one of the largest bathroom stall distributors in the country, we are backed by an experienced factory that manufactures and delivers thousands of bathroom partitions year after year.

When you work with us, you’ll be matched with a partition expert who will walk you through the quote, design, delivery and order process for all your bathroom stall hardware and partition needs. Other reasons to partner with One Point Partitions include:

  • Top-quality American-made bathroom hardware at competitive prices.
  • Access to the industry’s most extensive selection of quality brackets, hinges, privacy strips and locks.
  • Assistance finding bathroom privacy strips or other related products that will best suit your long-term expectations and specific needs — we provide free samples on request.
  • Bathroom partitions are available in five different materials and a variety of colors.
  • Free delivery, free quotes, premium service and fast lead times.

Partner With One Point Partitions to Design a Functional, Modern Public Bathroom

Whether you are renovating an existing restroom or plan to install a new one, One Point Partitions will help you choose the commercial bathroom partitions and stalls that best fit your space and budget specifications.

Trust our team of Partition Experts to help you find the best bathroom privacy strips for your project. Reach out to our helpful, knowledgeable local experts today to get started.