Pilaster Shoes

One Point Partitions is one of the largest bathroom stall distributors in the United States. With our many years of industry experience and knowledgeable team, we have the know-how and partition products needed to complete bathroom projects for schools, stadiums, churches, offices or any other public space.

The hardware you choose for your bathroom makes a difference, especially in busy facilities. Pilaster shoes, which go on the bottom of the stall’s frame to provide support, need to be both functional and aesthetically appealing for an ideal setup. At One Point Partitions, we’ve carefully sourced and tested the styles we sell so you can achieve these results in your commercial bathroom.

Find the Pilaster Shoes You Need for Your Commercial Bathroom

When you need pilaster shoes to help conceal and protect the hardware keeping your bathroom partitions in place, One Point Partitions has you covered. We carry an extensive inventory of pilaster shoes that can be used in all industries. Just select the length, thickness and height that fit your partitions. Then, choose the finish that matches the rest of your bathroom hardware, or consider updating the look with a completely new finish.

In addition to our inventory of toilet pilaster shoes, we have a variety of pilaster packs in stock as well. The ankle bracket pilaster pack comes in a wide range of materials and finishes such as chrome-plated Zamac, #4 satin-finish stamped stainless steel and #4 satin-finish cast stainless steel. You’ll also find pilaster packs in various sizes ranging from 7/8 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches thick.

These packs, which allow you to attach the partition’s pilaster post to a wall, come with wall brackets and fasteners. Choose from finishes including clear anodized aluminum and chrome-plated Zamac.

Receive Expert Guidance Throughout Your Project

Choosing the best bathroom pilaster shoes for your commercial bathroom can be challenging. With all of the options available, it can be hard to narrow down your choices and select the specific type that will work the best with your partitions.

Our team of local experts is here to help you navigate your options and find the right pilaster shoes for your project. Before we get started, we’ll take the time to understand all aspects of your design. Then, you’ll get to work with one of our partition experts to pick the perfect hardware setup for your space.

You are also welcome to try our online quote tool to generate an estimate and determine how much hardware you’ll need to complete the job.

Get Started on Your Restroom Retrofit, Replacement or Build-Out Project

Our industry experts are available to help you get started on your restroom project today. If you’d like to see our products before you order, just let us know — we’ll be happy to provide you with a free sample.

When you order from One Point Partitions, you can expect fast service and shipment. And with our free design consultation, low prices and free delivery, you can expect to save money too. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our local experts to learn more.