Bathroom Partition Support Posts 

If you find that your bathroom partition panels don’t maintain their position with wall-mounted brackets, bathroom support posts may be the answer.

Bathroom partition support posts, also known as brace supports, are in stock at One Point Partitions for fast delivery. Support posts are excellent for supporting pilasters and panels positioned above the floor, helping to stabilize the partitions so they remain firmly in place. Support posts are also great for preventive maintenance to strengthen the compartment. Our support braces are expandable and adjustable to efficiently meet the needs of your space.

Popular Bathroom Partitions

When designing a new bathroom, you’re bound to come across some questions concerning your partitions. What options do you have and what are the pros and cons of each? Before deciding on your bathroom partitions’ material or style, it’s essential to consider three key factors — lead time, durability and budget.

There are five major types of bathroom partitions on the market. The material you choose for your partition usually depends on the amount of traffic your bathroom experiences on a daily basis. Below are some of the most common toilet partition types, and the advantages and drawbacks of each:

  1. Stainless steel: Stainless steel partitions lend an elegant look that fits well in almost every environment. Stainless steel bathroom partitions are easy to install, waterproof and fireproof.
  2. Plastic laminate: This bathroom partition material is made by adhering laminate to particleboard. Industrial-strength particleboard is resistant to dents, scratches and other types of impacts.
  3. Solid plastic: Solid plastic bathroom partitions are made using high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. Although these panels tend to be more expensive than other options, solid plastic partitions are incredibly durable and stand up to a wide range of impacts. Solid plastic panels are also low-maintenance and resist rust and water damage.
  4. Powder-coated steel: Powder-coated steel bathroom partitions represent one of the most budget-friendly options out there, and they’re also lightweight and easy to install. With steel acting as the base material, a baked enamel finish is placed on top using an electromagnetic process called powder coating. This coating lends an appealing, rust-resistant finish that is easily repairable. The main drawback of powder-coated steel partitions is that they have fewer styles and colors.
  5. Phenolic compact laminate: Phenolic compact laminate bathroom partitions are made with condensed resin and paper. These toilet partitions provide incredibly long life spans, are easy to install and clean, come in a wide range of colors, and are bacteria- and corrosion-resistant.

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Have you decided what type of material is best for your public bathroom? Perhaps you only need bathroom partition support posts to stabilize your pilasters and panels.

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