Chicago Bathroom Partitions

Chicago Bathroom Partitions

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Chicago-area business owners know the importance of keeping their facilities in good condition. One factor that can’t be overlooked is the state of your restrooms. Fresh, clean bathrooms make customers feel comfortable and secure, and the right color choices can help enhance your brand.Chicago bean

Whatever your restroom partition needs may be, One Point Partitions can help. We’re one of the largest suppliers of bathroom dividers in the county, and we have been providing reliable solutions to contractors, property managers and business owners since 2007. We only sell American-made products, and we’re proud to support American workers.


The condition of your bathrooms has a significant effect on how people feel about your business. If your restrooms are run-down with broken locks or damaged partitions, you may send the unintended message that privacy and safety are not priorities. Even outdated partitions can affect patrons’ comfort and cause confusion about your branding.

By choosing new bathroom stalls for your Chicago business, you will help patrons feel at ease and make them more likely to return.


When you buy your restroom partitions from One Point Partitions, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the best partitions available. We sell partitions made from sturdy materials that resist corrosion, water and humidity for long-lasting solutions. They’re also backed by a factory warranty for added protection.

One of the main reasons people choose our partitions is the variety we offer. You can choose from five different partition materials, each with unique properties and colors. Phenolic and stainless steel are durable choices that have a sophisticated look. Solid plastic is our most heavy-duty option with exceptional resilience in harsh environments. If finding the right color is a priority, laminate and powder-coated steel have many options to choose from.

Chicago riverwalk at sunsetOur partitions are competitively priced for a great value. We also offer many complimentary services, including free quotes, design consultations and delivery.

Our many choices and perks make us a top choice with all kinds of Chigaco-area businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms, religious centers, schools and numerous other public and private facilities.


At One Point Partitions, we make it quick and easy for you to order your restroom partitions. With our intuitive online pricing tool, you’ll receive a free quote in a matter of minutes. We use the information you provide to generate your free design blueprint. Once the design is approved, you’ll choose a color and provide your shipping and payment information so we can process your order right away.

You can expect to receive your new toilet partitions within a week. Our partitions are quick and easy to install, and we have online installation resources to help you through the process. You can also reach out to us for additional support.

We provide bathroom partitions to the city of Chicago and all of its suburbs. The area is home to many public spaces and commercial businesses that need quality, affordable bathroom stall options for their facilities. From Claredon Hills to Naperville to Lake Forest and throughout the entire region, property managers and business owners trust One Point Partitions as their top partition supplier.

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