Toilet Partitions (and Why You Need an Expert)

Purchasing bathroom stalls is something that can be a frustrating, and confusing, experience. There are several places to purchase toilet partitions online, but how do you know the product that you are buying is of good quality?

Those who know the business best (that’s us) understand what materials go into the highest quality bathroom stalls and which manufacturers product products that will truly stand the test of time.

Here are a few tips for finding and selecting the best bathroom partitions for your money.

Quality Starts With the Manufacturer

The best manufacturers of bathroom partitions offer a broad color selection and multiple material options. They also offer quick turnaround and have products immediately available to ship.

American Made products will generally be produced with higher quality standards. Many less expensive bathroom partitions are produced outside of the United States and may lack compliance with “Made in USA” standards.

Partner With a Knowledgeable Expert

An expert designer, or toilet stall sales person, needs to have at least 2 years experience. Often companies will sell bathroom stalls like any other product in their inventory. Finding a company that specializes in matching you with the exact product you need is key in making the best purchase.

Resources for Installation

Quality restroom partition instructions should be provided with your purchase. To make it even easier, we offer installation videos for our products to give you step-by-step visual instructions from an expert.

Purchase Products With Warranties

Be sure to make a restroom stall warranty a priority in your purchasing decision. Even the best quality products can sometimes have issues, so be sure to require and understand the warranty provided with your bathroom partitions.