Tech Gadgets to Keep Your Restaurant Bathroom Clean

We’re all fans of tech gadgets. Every year, cool new electronic toys are popping up that make our lives easier or a little more entertaining. In some cases, they do both. At One Point Partitions, we know that our customers who are looking to remodel their restaurant and commercial bathrooms not only want attractive, functional new partitions, but also like to include some of the latest tech gadgets that appeal to customers and also help keep their bathrooms clean.

Some of the coolest gadgets include the following items.

Automatic Toilet Seats

Popular in Europe and Asia, automatic toilet seats are starting to appear in North America. They detect when a user is present and open and close the cover and seat as required. This hands-free toilet seat option means customers don’t have to touch the seat, and therefore spread fewer germs. Some models even incorporate a cleaning function that’s as fun to watch as it is practical!

Ionic Air Filters

Go a step further in your restaurant bathrooms with high-tech ionic air filters. These filters combine traditional particle filtration for larger particles and an ion blaster for destroying organic dirt and contaminants. The result is fresh, clean air and fewer odors. This is the same technology that’s often used in high-performance filters for your home to remove pet, cigarette and food odors.

Toilet Cleaners

While the trusty toilet scrub brush may not be gone just yet, there are several high-tech products on the market that make cleaning your toilets easier. Some commercial toilets come with a self-cleaning function, while other devices can be added to any toilet bowl. These gadgets detect when a toilet has been flushed and use soaps and cleaners to ensure cleanliness for your toilet users.

Touchless Faucets

The biggest advantage with hands-free faucets is that your customers and visitors don’t need to touch the faucets with their dirty or soapy hands to turn the water on. The absence of taps makes cleaning easier. While touchless faucets have been around for years, some of the newest models include automatic soap mixing built right in for the ideal mix of soap and water every time.

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These are some of the top high-tech gadgets you’ll find on the market today that help keep your restaurant bathroom clean. Of course, we’ll never get away from some manual cleaning duties, but we can at least make our lives a bit easier and ensure a constant cleanliness level throughout the day.

When we’re designing a restaurant bathroom partition layout, we always have cleanliness in mind. All of our partition materials are easy to clean. For high-humidity bathrooms, we have options that resist bacteria growth, such as our phenolic and stainless steel lineups.

Contact us today by filling in our online pricing tool or giving us a call. We’re happy to offer you a free design layout and mock-up and can even provide free samples of our partition materials so you can compare different styles and colors. Once your design is complete, you can select the bathroom cleaning technology that will keep your attractive new restaurant bathroom looking great!