Adding Light to Your Commercial Bathroom

Adding light to a bathroom sounds like an easy task, right? Install more lights or brighter bulbs and you’re done. The problem with simply adding more direct overhead lights or brighter bulbs is that you risk creating a sterile and intense light that isn’t inviting. Depending on the location and nature of your commercial bathroom (for example, a restaurant, bar, office or other public space), you may want to create a more inviting and stylish bathroom.

There are several ways to improve your commercial bathroom lighting that are discrete and creative and help create the perfect ambiance. At One Point Partitions, we always take care when we’re designing bathroom partitions and stalls to account for the location of existing lights and to ensure that the natural and direct lighting is adequate in all areas of the bathroom.

We also suggest the following bathroom lighting ideas:

Light Colors in Certain Areas

Even if your commercial bathroom décor includes dark colors for the floor, walls, partitions and other elements, you can make use of light colors in certain areas to reflect and spread light. Try to keep a light wall directly across from any windows. Also, break up dark areas and corners with light, brightly colored accents to avoid creating a cave-like feel.

Mirror Placement

Your commercial space will have mirrors for the convenience of your customers and visitors, but you can also include mirrors as part of your lighting design. Mirrors installed at an angle to the ceiling or floor can make the best use of your existing lighting and spread it around the entire bathroom. Light-up mirrors also give an inviting glow and feel to your bathroom.

Task and Accent Lighting

Even with general overhead lighting, a commercial bathroom can require additional lighting in certain areas, such as toilet cubicles and stalls, and above sinks for handwashing. The placement of accent lighting is the key: you don’t necessarily need powerful, bright lights, which can seem harsh and cold. Instead, choose small lights that can be directed where you need light the most.

Window Blurs

If you have windows in your commercial bathrooms, you obviously need to account for privacy for your users. One option that allows light through but makes it impossible to see inside is the installation of window blurs. These films are easy to apply and come in a variety of styles and patterns, such as smoked, bubbles and waves, to create an attractive and inviting lighting effect.

Shadow/Light Boxes

If you don’t have an outside window to create natural lighting for your commercial bathroom, you can create a similar effect with a shadow or light box. This “fake window” uses a semi-transparent panel or window blur with a light installed behind for the feel of natural lighting. You can create them in any shape and size for a truly custom feel for your bathroom.

Don’t leave the lighting in your commercial bathroom as an afterthought. Include some of these best bathroom lighting ideas as you remodel and upgrade your bathroom partitions and décor. Our team here at One Point Partitions invites you to contact our expert designers for a free commercial bathroom partition layout. They will be happy to share more ideas on how to get adequate lighting and create an inviting and attractive commercial bathroom space.