Time for a Little Bathroom Music!

We’re all familiar with elevator music — that smooth, relaxing style of music commonly played in elevators. Typically, these songs don’t have lyrics but still manage to stay in our heads all day! At One Point Partitions, we may not know much about elevators, but this got us thinking about something: why isn’t there bathroom music?!

As your specialists in the design and manufacture of attractive, high-quality bathroom partitions, we know that for your commercial space, an inviting and appealing bathroom goes a long way toward pleasing your customers and visitors. For fun, we thought we’d look up song lyrics that reference the bathroom. Why not put together a playlist as a fun and lighthearted soundtrack for your bathroom guests?

The bathroom songs we found are from a wide range of genres and in some cases are not all that well-known. We had fun discovering them, so hopefully you will, too:

  • “Bathroom Sink” by Miranda Lambert: This country song couldn’t be more fitting for a bathroom! It speaks to the thoughts that run through our heads as we reflect in the bathroom mirror above our sink.
  • “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” by The Beatles. It isn’t always easy to guess exactly what inspired The Beatles, but we love this classic song with “Bathroom” right in the title.
  • “Mirror in the Bathroom” by English Beat: Check out the video for this song — it’s the best musical tribute to bathrooms that we found. If you look closely, you’ll even see some bathroom partitions!
  • “Dirty Fingernails” by Modest Mouse: A little more on the rock side, this Modest Mouse song can be taken as a tongue-in-cheek reminder of the importance of washing your hands after using the bathroom.

All joking aside, having music piped into your commercial bathroom can go a long way toward creating a desirable ambiance. This is especially the case with restaurants, bars and clubs, where you’re trying to create a certain image. Many bars and clubs pipe the music from their main rooms and dance floors into their bathroom spaces so that patrons don’t miss a thing. Our suggestion is to keep the sound low so your bathroom users can have a quiet moment.

For other commercial and public bathrooms, such as offices, stores, malls and stadiums, some quiet music can help create a relaxed atmosphere. You can include the above-mentioned songs with lyrics about a bathroom, or any other songs that you feel suit the types of customers and visitors you have. Always try to avoid harsh, offensive lyrics and controversial songs. Commercial bathroom music should appeal to everyone!

Allowing users of your commercial bathrooms and restrooms to feel comfortable and relaxed is important. That’s why combining things like clean, functional bathroom partitions, attractive décor and enjoyable background music all play their part in an inviting bathroom design.

Our designers here at One Point Partitions are ready to help you with your partition and stall design, so fill in our online contact form and we’ll help you create the perfect bathroom layout. All that’s left is to plan your first ever “bathroom karaoke” party!