Discover The Most Luxurious Hotel Bathroom Gadgets

Have you treated yourself to a hotel getaway recently? Sometimes it’s just nice to book a night away in a luxury hotel to pamper and spoil yourself.

Luxury hotels are known for their high-tech gadgets and these days — and they even extend to the bathroom. Check out our list of the top gadgets you’ll find in five-star hotel bathrooms, and you’ll want to book a night away as soon as possible!

You Ask “Why,” and Hotels Say “Why Not?!”

top bathroom technology

Some of the best hotel tech gadgets for bathrooms are the ones that seem the most off-the-wall. In their quest to impress, five-star hotels need to find a way to stand out from the competition and create a truly memorable experience. They do that by adding fun, enjoyable gadgets that may not be necessary but add a lot of cache and excitement:

  • ‘Smart’ glass in showers: With the flip of a switch, transparent shower walls can become opaque. This futuristic technology is amazing to watch, and you’ll flip it on and off a dozen times just to see the effect. There is a practical side as well, however, as it provides privacy when you need it, but allows for a more open feel if you want.
  • Automatic heating and cooling: Some top-end luxury hotels have installed body temperature detection systems in their bathrooms. As you enter the bathroom the heating and cooling system adjusts to find the most comfortable settings for your body. You don’t need to manually adjust before and after your shower, for example.
  • In-mirror TV screens: While you’re enjoying a soak in the tub, it is a pleasure to watch a favorite movie or show. With TV screens integrated into the mirror, you have safe and convenient access when you want it. When it’s turned off, the TV is invisible, giving you maximum mirror coverage. It’s the best of both worlds for maximum bathroom enjoyment.
  • Heated toilet seats and bidet functions: If you have been to Japan, will probably know what heated toilet seats and water-spraying bidet toilets are like. Common in Tokyo, they’re now appearing in five-star hotels in America. It’s one of those luxuries that may sound a bit silly at first, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll want it at home.
  • Heated floors: Even if the automatic climate control in your hotel room is set to a comfortable level, that tile bathroom floor can feel chilly first thing in the morning or when you step out of the shower. A heated bathroom floor is comfortable and inviting and helps you relax. You’ll want to skip the hotel slippers if your five-star room has this great tech gadget.

Take the Time to Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

It’s probably not every day you can stay in a five-star luxury hotel. If you do splurge, take the time to enjoy it. Discover all of the great bathroom tech gadgets and features and watch your stress disappear. At One Point Partitions, we are always curious about what’s going on in the bathroom. We’re passionate about our business and enjoy the attention luxury hotels pay to their bathrooms by installing the latest gadgets.

The next time you are booking a hotel, consider splurging on a five-star option and discover all of these great features — just remember to choose the late checkout option.