Common Toilet Partition Installation Issues

Installing toilet partitions is no small task. If you encounter bathroom partition installation issues, don’t panic. We are confident in your installation abilities!

Even though we design our bathroom partitions with easy installation in mind, we know problems can arise. Keep reading to learn how to solve and avoid toilet partition installation issues.

Ways to Avoid Common Toilet Partition Installation Issues

Start off with the right partition layout. This is number one when it comes to avoiding issues. Before placing your order, be sure to use our online design tool. You can also speak with our talented bathroom designers at any time. Unlike most vendors who sell standard toilet partition sets, One Part Partitions will create a custom layout for you. Precise dimensions of your toilet partition plan mean fewer bathroom partition installation issues.

How to Solve Your Current Toilet Partition Installation Problems

Checking Your Measurements for Bathroom Installation

After you’ve selected the perfect design for your bathroom, you must now prepare your restroom. Prepping your bathroom will further avoid possible toilet partition installation issues. Pro tip: learn about pre-installation work to avoid common toilet partition installation issues. Then, follow these three steps to figure out exactly how to install your bathroom partitions.

1. Watch the How-to Video for Your Bathroom Partition Style

One Point Partitions sells five different types of toilet partitions. If you run into any installation issues early on, we recommend watching the right video from the selection below, which we specifically designed for do-it-yourself types:

Depending on what kind of partition you’re installing, the various parts and directions will differ. These videos are powerful visual aids. Many customers find them extremely helpful. They can help clear up most bathroom partition installation issues in no time. We recommend watching them more than once just in case!

2. Consult Our Step-by-Step Guides

What toilet partition installation issues are you experiencing? If you’re faced with challenges regarding floor anchors, hole drilling, wall brackets, pilasters or door hardware, our online references are here to help guide you. Even though partition material types may vary, the basic steps are generally similar. Taking a closer look at the instructions is another way to overcome any toilet partition installation issues.

3. Check out Our Installation Page

Solving your toilet partition installation problems might be easier than you think! On our website’s installation page, you can follow our 10-step installation process to help clarify any issues you’re facing. This page outlines important pre-installation instructions. You will also find detailed directions on how to install your new bathroom partitions.

Are You Still Having Bathroom Partitions Installation Issues?

We hope this information helped you solve your toilet partition installation problems. Are you still experiencing difficulties? Do you have unanswered questions? Don’t worry! Our team is here to help. Give us a call at 831-777-2717 or send us an email. Together, we will solve any bathroom partition installation problems you might be having and ensure your bathroom partitions are correctly installed.

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