Remove Scratches From Bathroom Partitions

Have you ever wondered how to fix bathroom partitions scratches? Maybe you started to notice that some areas of your solid plastic or stainless steel bathroom stalls look a bit shabby. Or perhaps you’re about to buy new partitions and want to keep them looking new for as long as possible.

When you’re prepared with the knowledge to make your bathroom partitions last, they make a worthwhile investment. So no matter what partition boat you’re in, we’re here to uncover the secrets of avoiding toilet partition scratches.

See a Scratch on Your Bathroom Partition?

bathroom partition scratches

The first step to removing scratches from bathroom partitions is to locate them. Bathroom partitions typically fixate themselves in high-traffic areas. Seeing as everyone needs to use the bathroom at some point, the doors of your partitions will open and close regularly.

Unfortunately, even toilet partitions are not immune to wear and tear. The goods news is that most scratches are unnoticeable to the unfocused eye. Scratches may accumulate around the lock or on the doors if you include a hanging hook. Sometimes bags or other hung items can leave small scratches behind.

If you’ve noticed a particularly large scratch on the side of a stall or front of a door, there are several steps you can take to decrease its presence.

How to Fix Bathroom Partition Scratches

Here’s how you can remove scratches from different types of commercial bathroom partition materials, depending on their unique needs:

  • Powder-coated steel: To make these surface-level scratches disappear, start by washing them with your desired cleaning solution. The water will help remove any displaced material. Using smooth sanding pads, rub over the scratched area until smooth.
  • Laminate: Laminate partitions don’t scratch easily, and when they do, it’s hardly noticeable. If they do scratch, you can repair them like you would a laminate wood floor. Smooth some clear or colored wax over the scratches, and they’ll look as good as new.
  • Solid plastic: To remove scratches from bathroom partitions made of plastic, heat a spoon and press the smooth side over the affected areas. Rub the spoon back and forth over the scratch until you notice it disappearing. Essentially, you’re blending out the scratched partition to match its original smoothness.
  • Phenolic: These partitions are made of layered paper soaked in resin, so they’re water-resistant and very low maintenance. Phenolic partitions are durable and scratch-resistant. If they do scratch, shine them with your go-to cleaning polish. Be sure to use non-abrasive soaps as you clean to avoid making any present scratches worse.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel partitions do not scratch easily. When they do, use a stainless steel scratch-removing compound to buff them out. If the scratch is severe, use an abrasive pad the way you’d use sandpaper — find the grain of your stainless steel partition and rub out the scratch carefully.

Remove Scratches From Bathroom Partitions

Successfully removing a toilet partition scratch may take time and patience. Depending on how damaged the area is, you may need to try more than one scratch removal method.

For instance, if you try the heated spoon technique but still have some leftover edges, consider smoothing the area with a gentle grain of sandpaper. After you sand away the excess material, scrub the area with a washcloth until it’s smooth once again. In severe cases of damage, a patch job may be necessary.

Remember not to worry too much about your bathroom partition appearance. While most people do appreciate well-kept stalls, they aren’t looking to criticize your bathroom’s appearance. The presence of one or two scratches will not ruin the overall functionality or bathroom experience for your customers or employees.

How to Prevent Toilet Partition Scratches

The best way to prevent toilet partition scratches is to avoid using steel wool for cleaning. Steel wool is too harsh for plastic, wood, laminate and phenolic partitions. Instead, use a bristle brush or sturdy washcloth. The gentler the cleaning products you use, the longer your partitions will last.

When you’re installing your partitions, handle them with care. If you’re moving equipment in and out of the bathroom at any time, try to avoid banging into the partition siding.

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom partitions, force is unnecessary — gentle cleaning will do the trick. It’s also important to check that your cleaning solution does not contain higher-than-normal levels of harsh toxins. Strong chemicals can eat away at your partition materials — and no one wants that.

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