How to Remove Old Bathroom Partitions

As a bathroom partition vendor, we often discuss how to install a bathroom stall. However, sometimes you need to remove a toilet partition. Perhaps you need to replace the stall components with new materials. Maybe you plan to completely remove the bathroom stall for a total replacement or room remodel. No matter your reason for uninstalling, you want to do it right. Follow these tips to make the process easier and more efficient.

Consult the Installation Manual

The steps you need to take during the bathroom stall removal process depends on the stall’s material. Each type of partition has its own installation instructions based on its density and other factors. The installation manual will also teach you about each part and piece of hardware’s purpose. If you don’t have your partition’s installation instructions on hand, search for them on the Internet. We provide free PDF documents for the installation of each of our partition types.

Work Backward From the Installation Instructions

In most cases, you can remove a toilet partition by following the installation process backward. Our YouTube channel has installation videos for partition type, so you can see the exact steps involved. Unscrew the brackets and remove non-essential components first. Remove the door before you uninstall the partitions and pilasters. Some stall models have one-way screws that can cause difficulty when you try to take them out. If you can’t remove these screws with your available tools, you may want to use a one-way screw removal kit.

Label and Track Every Part

Hold onto the old partition parts and hardware until you finish remodeling your bathroom space. When you plan to replace your stall, you may have the option to reuse some of the equipment. You might even have the chance to use them for an entirely different project. Label every part of the stall clearly, including the large pieces. The old parts can help you understand what to do with a new partition when instructions become unclear.

Mark the Positions of Your Old Partitions

When you need to replace the stalls in your restroom, you want to understand where to install them at a glance. Bathroom regulations require you to follow specific dimensions, so using your old layout will ensure you stay compliant. If you don’t plan on changing your bathroom layout, mark where each bracket goes, as well as where to put the pilasters on the floor.

Replace the Toilet Correctly

A complete bathroom renovation includes replacing the old toilets. If you don’t have much experience with commercial toilets, you need to keep in mind that they have a different construction than home toilets. You may also need to accommodate for other items in the stall, such as toilet seat cover holders.

Create the Perfect Bathroom Layout

At One Point Partitions, we make it simple to buy partitions that work with your restroom layout. Our online quote tool lets you create a custom layout that fits your room dimensions and has the number of stalls you need. Once you finish using the tool, you can request a quote for custom-sized partitions that fit your design perfectly.