High-Tech Bathrooms

Wondering how to make a bathroom high-tech? You’re living in the right era. Since the invention of indoor plumbing, there’s been no time like the present to create and enjoy high-quality bathroom experiences thanks to new commercial bathroom innovations. If you’re considering updates to your commercial bathroom, here’s a look at some of the trendiest smart bathroom technologies available:

  • Smart toilets: Among high-tech bathroom gadgets is one of the most important fixtures in any water closet — the smart toilet. Smart toilets can stay warm so that they’re more comfortable for visitors. Lids can move up and down automatically. And, of course, flushing is automated and water-efficient. Over time, smart toilets can be better for guests, better for budgets and better for the environment.
  • Efficient faucets: Old-school faucets that were turned on and off were incredibly inefficient. As we tried to make faucets more energy-efficient, we started offering motion-sensor models that were unreliable and frustrating to use. Today, we have access to much better faucet options, including motion sensors that actually work and low-flow spigots that save on water used.
  • Advanced lighting: Lighting has come a long way since the simply fluorescent fixtures that were commonplace in the 20th century. Today, LED lighting is a popular option among smart bathroom technologies, and so too are dimmable bathroom lighting options. With dimmable lighting, the lights respond to the time of day, any natural light that may be in the room and even the presence of people in the bathroom.
  • Automation: Automation is highly popular today. When someone walks into a bathroom, they should be able to do most of what they need to do without using their hands. For example, lights can come on automatically, toilets can flush based on motion sensors, sinks and soap dispensers can come on at the wave of a hand and even high-velocity hand driers can swing into action with prompting. A fully automated bathroom experience is also a more hygienic experience, as visitors won’t have to touch many things.

Adding one or more of the gadgets listed above can greatly enhance your bathroom and the experience that users enjoy, but as you explore high-tech bathroom gadgets, don’t forget about other features and components that remain important.

For example, privacy is a priority for anyone who uses your bathrooms, and you’ll need quality stalls and partitions to deliver the privacy your guests want and need. At One Point Partitions, we’re the leading provider of privacy solutions like stalls and partitions. All of our products are high-quality and American-made, and we offer free samples and free quotes so that you have all the information you require to make good decisions for your bathrooms.

Don’t miss an opportunity to create great bathroom experiences for your team members, customers and guests. Add some of the smart bathroom technologies listed above, then take care of the basics by making sure you have the right privacy features, like stalls and partitions. Contact us today to learn more about creating the best possible experiences for your bathroom’s users.