How to Remove Odor From Your Bathrooms

It’s no secret that bathrooms can smell bad from time to time, and a smelly bathroom can reflect poorly on your business if it’s left unaddressed. How do you effectively deal with an inherent issue like bathroom odors?

Fortunately, you have many options at your disposal. Here’s a look at some of the most effective and popular ways to get rid of bathroom smells:

  • Air fresheners: The market is swimming in various air freshener options. If you feel as though the smell of your commercial bathroom could use a boost, air fresheners are one of the fastest and most effective solutions you can choose. Explore the many versions on the market, and choose the one that best fits the unique needs of your business and its bathrooms.
  • Deodorizers: Consider adding deodorizers to bathroom toilets and urinals too. Like air fresheners, deodorizers are quick and easy to install, and they represent a rather cost-effective solution. Again, you can find multiple options available on the market, so choose the one whose scent and strength you like best. You need something powerful enough to mask the bathroom odors without feeling overwhelming to visitors.
  • Cleaning: Few things help get rid of odors like deep cleaning. If you have a long-running issue with bathroom odors, talk to your janitorial team. They may have ideas for alleviating the situation if they’re asked for thoughts and feedback. You may just need to increase the frequency of bathroom cleanings in an effort to combat odors.
  • Plants and flowers: Adding plants and flowers to bathrooms may help too. Of course, you’ll want plants and flowers that have strong, pleasant scents, but you’ll also need to find ones that can survive and thrive in windowless rooms.
  • New stalls and partitions: Here’s an option that many businesses don’t think of: replacing existing stalls and partitions. In many cases, odors become stronger and more prominent because they’ve actually settled into the bathroom components. If you choose to swap out components, like stalls and partitions, you may find that the persistent odors disappear with the old parts. You’ll never achieve a bathroom that’s completely free from odors at all times, but changing out components can go a long way toward helping.

Looking for ways to get rid of bathroom smells? The real solution is probably a combination of some or all of the things listed above. Start testing out different ways to remove bathroom odors, and you’ll soon find the right combination of tactics.

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