New Trends in Commercial Restroom Design

Are you looking at your company’s bathrooms and thinking it’s time for an upgrade? Or are you building a new facility and desire to include the most modern bathrooms possible? If so, you’ll want to have a firm grasp of today’s commercial bathroom design trends.

Of course, trends are always changing, but there are some design features that appear as though they’re here to stay. If you want to make lasting, positive changes at your workplace, here’s a look at trends in commercial bathrooms that you should take advantage of:

  • Hands-free appliances: Old-school, analog toilets and dispensers are a thing of the past. New trends in commercial restroom design include hands-free toilets, dispensers and other appliances. First and foremost, these hands-free appliances are more hygienic than older appliances. They do not require bathroom users to touch anything, which means that there are fewer germs to spread around. Also, hands-free appliances can be more convenient for your bathroom’s users. The key is quality: While good hands-free appliances can make life easier for your bathroom visitors, poor-quality hands-free appliances that don’t work when users need them to can be incredibly frustrating.
  • High-quality materials: When in doubt, choose high-quality materials. While budget constraints may inspire you to choose low-quality appliances and components, keep in mind that low-cost parts often have much shorter lifespans than their alternatives. That is, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. It’s far better for your bottom line and for your visitors’ bathroom experiences to choose high-quality materials that will last much longer.
  • Sustainable products: Sustainability is becoming more and more prominent in commercial spaces, including bathrooms. Choose water-efficient toilets and sinks, and consider using non-paper hand-drying appliances. Again, these modern toilets, sinks and dryers might also make the bathroom experience much more convenient for visitors. Just make sure you’re getting quality products that perform dependably. Otherwise, you’ll just frustrate your visitors with the bathroom experience.
  • Usability: Your bathrooms should always be highly usable, no matter a visitor’s age or ability. Make sure your restroom includes the needed features and layout to increase and enhance accessibility for the various kinds of guests who might need to use it.

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