Business Bathroom Etiquette

Nature can call at any given time — even when people are at work. In shared spaces like offices, it’s important for everyone to follow proper business bathroom etiquette so that the shared space remains clean and comfortable. But different people interpret office toilet etiquette differently. To help you best manage restroom use while at work, here’s a look at the rules of office bathroom etiquette.

Cleanliness Counts

Yes, cleanliness absolutely counts when you’re using the bathroom at work. If you and others fail to be clean, all sorts of nasty things can spread, like gastrointestinal viruses, respiratory and skin organisms, fungi and other issues best avoided. Here are three cleanliness-related tips for office toilet etiquette:

  • Manage the seat: Move the toilet seat up and down as needed to keep the space clean. More specifically, men should put the seat up when urinating in a traditional toilet so that the seat stays clean.
  • Look around: When you’re done inside of a bathroom stall, take a quick look around to see if anything needs tidying up. If you leave the stall in as good or better condition than when you found it, the next person will have a clean, quality experience.
  • Wash your hands: This one is simple — always, always, always wash your hands after using the bathroom. This is the one action you can always take to help keep things safe and clean for everyone in the office.

Manners Matter

Not all rules of office bathroom etiquette are related to cleanliness. Some are more aligned with kindness and general manners. Here are three manners-related actions to keep in mind as you implement office toilet etiquette:

  • Avoid business: Don’t make phone calls or respond to emails while using the restroom. Keep this shared room a quiet space that’s free from the business of the day.
  • Keep it quick: Take as much time as you need, but don’t linger. Bathroom space is ample but limited in most office environments. Keep things moving so that there’s no wait for the next person who needs the bathroom.
  • Use the courtesy flush: Flush as needed to reduce odors. This practice is good for the other people who are sharing the restroom with you.

Conscientiousness Above All Else

Business bathroom etiquette can be summed up in one word: conscientiousness. Be conscientious from the moment you enter the restroom to the moment you leave. Keep in mind that this area is not a personal bathroom but rather a shared space, and make decisions and take actions with consideration for the other people with whom you share that space. If everyone is conscientiousness while using the office bathroom, everyone will enjoy a better business bathroom experience.

Enhance Your Workplace’s Bathrooms

Employees need to do their part, but it’s also important that employers create the right bathroom experiences for their team members. Partitions are a big part of that. They provide privacy and help bring organization to an important space in the workplace. At One Point Partitions, our high-quality, American-made products help businesses of all kinds create desirable bathroom experiences. We can provide free samples and free quotes as you consider your options and seek to enhance your business bathrooms.

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