5 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Commercial bathrooms are important spaces in workplaces of all kinds. There are many decisions to make when you’re building new commercial bathrooms and updating existing bathrooms. Like stalls, for example. As you can image, you’ll need to ask specific questions about commercial bathroom stalls if you want to get the best products to meet your needs. Here’s a look at specific questions you should ask and what to know about commercial bathroom stalls before your update:

1. What is the layout?

Layout matters a great deal when you’re considering bathroom stalls. Some stalls will work only in specific types of layouts, so you’ll need to secure options that work with your type of bathroom. This is especially important if you’re changing the layout of your bathroom in a meaningful way — you’ll want to ensure that you’re also changing the type of stalls you use.

2. How many stalls and urinals?

You’ll need to know how many stalls and urinals each bathroom will include. The number of stalls will dictate the size and type of stalls and partitions you can use. Urinals are a little bit different. While urinals don’t traditionally have stalls around them, they often include partitions that enhance privacy and strengthen the separation between different people using the bathroom. Make decisions about the number of stalls and urinals at the outset of the project so that you can secure the right products for your needs.

3. What types of materials work best?

The material of stalls and partitions matters. The materials you choose will affect the long-term durability of the stalls and partitions. In addition, they’ll affect the cost and impact the look and feel of your commercial bathroom. Spend time carefully considering your material options so that you make the best decision for your project.

4. What color partitions?

The color scheme of your bathroom makes a huge impact on the space’s look and feel as well. You’ll want to find a color that complements other elements in your bathroom so that everything feels cohesive. Many buyers overlook the importance of color and choose something neutral that they think will work with everything. But spending time on making a quality color decision can pay big dividends down the road.

5. How will installation be handled?

When you’re ordering stalls and partitions, you need to know how installation will be handled. Do you need your own bathroom contractor? Is installation something that will be left up to you? Don’t let the installation process come as a surprise — find out how it works early on so that you can plan accordingly.

There are many questions to ask for commercial bathroom stalls, including “Where can I find the best products?” At One Point Partitions, we work daily with businesses that want to upgrade their bathroom experiences. We offer high-quality, American-made products, and we can also give you free samples and free quotes before you make a buying decision.

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