How to Prevent Bacteria Growth on Bathroom Partitions

To create a sanitary space for bathroom users, taking steps to prevent bacteria growth on bathroom partitions is essential. Bathrooms are subject to high levels of moisture and humidity, which makes them particularly vulnerable to bacteria such as mold and mildew. However, following these simple steps for selecting and maintaining your bathroom partitions will help you prevent bacterial growth.

1. Choose Moisture-Resistant Bathroom Partitions

The leading cause of bacteria growth in bathrooms is moisture buildup. By choosing a moisture-resistant material, you can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew on your partitions.

Solid plastic is a moisture-resistant material commonly used for bathroom partitions. If your bathroom space is particularly susceptible to moisture buildup, solid plastic partitions are an ideal choice.

2. Use MRSA-Resistant Materials

MRSA is a bacterial infection that is particularly difficult to treat. When people are exposed to the bacteria, they may experience blisters, sores or even bloodstream infection in severe cases.

To prevent MRSA from developing on your bathroom partitions, you must use moisture- and germ-resistant materials to build your partitions. All of the materials we use at One Point Partitions are designed to be highly sanitary, germ- and moisture-resistant to help prevent MRSA and other bacteria from developing.

3. Air Out the Room

One simple method to prevent moisture buildup is to circulate air throughout the room to dry it out. If your bathroom has windows, it’s a good idea to open them regularly to also get some fresh airflow. If your bathroom does not have windows, you can try leaving the door propped open and running a fan to dry out the space.

4. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can help you stay on top of moisture buildup and bacteria growth in your bathroom. Weekly cleanings that include airing out the restroom and removing any dirt, grime and excess water can go a long way in preventing the growth of bacteria. Make sure employees log when they clean and record any problems they may find so you can tackle any small issues fast.

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