How to Repair Scratched Toilet Partitions

Scratches on your toilet partitions are a normal occurrence. Whether caused by an accidental impact or normal wear and tear over time, scratches often appear even if you meticulously maintain your partitions. Regular cleaning will improve the appearance, but it will not prevent or properly address scratches.

Fortunately, scratches do not affect the effectiveness of your partitions, and you can easily remove these blemishes. Here is a guide for how to repair scratched toilet partitions.

Remove Scratches From Steel Toilet Partitions

Stainless steel is a highly corrosion-resistant material. But with its brushed finish, it is more likely to emphasize scratches, especially those made against the grain. That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid wire brushes, steel wool pads and cleaners with harsh abrasives that could potentially leave scratches on your partitions.

For scratch repair, mild abrasives can help. You can also purchase a stainless steel scratch removal kit for safe scratch removal. Because stainless steel is such a popular choice for all kinds of equipment and appliances, kits are readily available for different finish options. The contents of these kits restore the grain and blend the repair.

Solid Plastic Toilet Partition Scratch Repair

Many people choose solid plastic toilet partitions for the material’s durability. However, it has a slightly softer surface than other materials, so scratches may occur where they may not on other materials. Luckily, scratches are also usually not as visible on solid plastic as they would be on other materials.

If you do notice a scratch in your solid plastic partition, you can use heat to repair it. Try warming a small section with a heat gun or blow dryer, but be careful not to melt it. Then use a smooth, rounded object such as a spoon or the end of a screwdriver handle to burnish the scratches. Move the object along with the scratch, not against it, and apply pressure. You should notice the scratch fading as the plastic redistributes.

Repair Scratches on Phenolic and Plastic Laminate Partitions

Both phenolic and plastic laminate partitions have a thin yet durable outer layer. Light scratches can occur on this outer layer for both materials, but can also easily disappear with a coat of tinted or clear wax. For deeper scratches, you can try hard wax melted from a block or numerous liquid fillers that dry hard.

Laminate repair kits also typically include wax or filler along with application tools.

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