Plastic vs. Steel Bathroom Partitions

When it comes to building or remodeling bathroom partitions, you need to choose the right material. Two popular options include stainless steel and solid plastic. But what is the difference between plastic and steel bathroom partitions, and is one better than the other? Read on for a breakdown of the characteristics of solid plastic vs. stainless steel partitions.

Durability and Strength

Bathroom partitions should withstand the test of time and any stressors placed on them. That means you want something that will resist scratches, dents and other impacts.

When comparing solid plastic vs. stainless steel partitions, solid plastic tends to be more resilient, while stainless steel is more likely to scratch or dent. Scratches on solid plastic partitions are usually less noticeable because they have a solid color throughout. Solid plastic is also more resistant to dents because it is a completely solid material, while stainless steel has a honeycomb-style core made of cardboard.

Stainless steel is highly flame and smoke retardant, so if fire safety is a special concern for your building, stainless steel partitions are a good choice. Otherwise, solid plastic has the edge when it comes to overall durability and strength.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The amount of cleaning and maintenance work you’ll need to put into your bathroom partitions largely depends on the material you choose. Both solid plastic and stainless steel are highly sanitary and resistant to damage from chemical cleaners. When it comes to your average cleaning, both materials are relatively easy to clean.

However, when it comes to removing things such as graffiti or touching up other damage, solid plastic has the advantage. Solid plastic is formulated for easy removal of spots and stains, while these are harder to remove from stainless steel.

Aesthetic Appeal

Other important considerations for your bathroom partitions are look and design. Stainless steel partitions tend to look more high-end and sophisticated than solid plastic. If you want your bathrooms to have a sleek and modern look, stainless steel is an ideal choice. Solid plastic partitions come in solid colors and are a versatile option, but they do not provide the same elegant feel as stainless steel.

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