What Cleaners Can I Use for Different Toilet Partitions?

What Cleaners Can I Use for Different Toilet Partitions?
Maintaining the aesthetic of your bathroom means making sure the area is tidy as well as clean — and that includes the toilet partitions. However, since not all toilet partitions are made from the same materials, their cleaning processes will vary slightly.

Luckily, most toilet partitions are built to be resistant to common annoyances, like mold and rust. Still, they need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their original gleam and keep your restroom facilities looking amazing.

How to Clean Toilet Partitions

Because of the material used to make them resistant to rust and corrosion, bathroom partitions will last longer and look better if cleaned without abrasive cleaners. Additionally, certain partition materials can be irreparably damaged if you use harsh chemicals on them. Most partitions only require simple cleaning products, which will allow them to continue performing at their best.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to keep your partitions looking as good as new. It’s also the best way to prevent stubborn, hard-to-remove stains from developing later on. Here is a closer look at what cleaners you can use for different toilet partitions.

Powder-Coated Steel Partitions

The finely ground pigment and resin used to give these partitions their range of colors is an excellent protectant against corrosion and rust. Most powder-coated steel partitions are built with galvanized steel, which is designed to naturally resist rust, so these partitions are unlikely to experience any rusting in their lifetime.

Simple dust or dirt can be quickly wiped away with a dusting cloth or a damp paper towel. More stubborn stains, like water spots or grease, need only a mild cleaner and some warm water. Mild detergents can also be used, but anything abrasive risks scratching the coating or even chipping the paint.

If graffiti is a problem on your partitions, it is best to use specialized graffiti cleaners to safely remove the marks without ruining the powder coating.

Laminate Partitions

The laminate finish on these partitions makes them some of the easiest to clean, requiring little more than a damp cloth and mild cleaner. Common marks like smudges or dirt wash away with a moist cloth or sponge. Tougher stains, like grease or lipstick, need a slightly stronger cleaner like a degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner.

Abrasive cleaners like bleach or even polish can lead to discoloration or cause residual buildup, which can eventually deteriorate the partition. For stubborn stains, including watermarking or graffiti, bathroom cleaners and cleaners specifically for graffiti are your best bet. Simply wipe or scrub away with a cloth or sponge. It’s also important to remember to rinse and wipe dry the partitions. Residual water can lead to watermarking, and too much water can eventually start to strip the finish.

Solid Plastic Partitions

Solid plastic partitions are made with one-inch thick plastic and are easy to maintain — especially if they’re cleaned regularly. A mild cleaner mixed with water will get rid of stains from everyday wear and tear, and tougher stains can be scrubbed out with a mixture of water, household detergent and trisodium phosphate. If you’d rather use a ready-made cleaner, any non-abrasive one will work just as well.

As with any other partition, it’s important to rinse and dry after using any chemical cleaner. But unlike other partitions, solid plastic partitions are strong enough to be hosed down, making cleaning that much quicker and easier.

Solid plastic bathroom partitions are some of the sturdiest around, but they can still be scratched. The good thing about them is most scratches can be burnished away. However, be aware of how often these partitions are burnished because, eventually, the burnishing will cease to work.

Phenolic Core Partitions

Caring for phenolic core bathroom partitions is very similar to laminate partition maintenance. Like laminate partitions, phenolic core partitions can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution. Tougher stains, like oil and grease, will come off with an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser.

Cleaning graffiti requires a specialized, but mild, graffiti cleaner, and very stubborn stains are no match for everyday bathroom cleaners with acetic acid. Anything more abrasive risks destroying the partition’s finish or leaving behind buildup that can weaken the material.

Phenolic partitions should also be rinsed and dried to avoid water residue to build up. Unlike laminate partitions, though, phenolic core partitions can withstand the pressure from a hose, so washing them off is much easier and time-efficient.

Stainless Steel

There are few things that stainless steel bathroom partitions can’t endure, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Simple marks and scratches can be wiped off with cleaners that are designed for stainless steel, and buildup stains can be handled with mildly abrasive powders. Stubborn stains, like oils and grease, can be wiped away with a mixture of water, detergent and a solvent, like kerosene.

Stainless steel bathroom partitions are made with a chromium finish, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. However, certain harsh chemicals, like bleach, can strip away the material’s finishing and increase the chance of the partitions rusting. To ensure your stainless steel partitions look their absolute best and live up to their reputation, avoiding using any cleaners that have bleach or hydrochloric acid in them.

The good thing about stainless steel bathroom partitions is that you can polish them all you like without fear of ruining the finish.

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