Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls

Stainless steel bathroom stalls are a popular choice for commercial businesses due to their clean look and aesthetic versatility. Maintaining stainless steel bathroom stalls typically requires less work than other partition varieties, but you still need to follow certain guidelines for keeping this sleek bathroom partition material sanitary and beautiful for visitors.

Whether you’re experienced in bathroom stall maintenance or you’re learning the proper cleaning and upkeep techniques for the first time, we’ve compiled the following list of tips and tricks that you can use to keep your stainless steel bathroom stalls clean and in good condition.

How Do I Maintain My Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls’ Appearance?

Stainless steel bathroom stalls are one of the easiest types of bathroom stalls to maintain. These durable dividers are non-porous as well as resistant to rust due to their chromium content. These qualities make stainless steel a top restroom partition material for contractors across industries.

In light of their reputation for easy maintenance, you still need to clean your stainless steel bathroom stalls on a regular basis to preserve their attractive sheen and, of course, maintain your sanitation standards. To prevent dirt and grime buildup, you need to make sure you clean every part of your stainless steel bathroom stalls — even where people don’t tend to touch — as airborne particles can still attach themselves to stainless steel.

How Often Should I Schedule Stainless Steel Washroom Stall Cleaning?

You’ll want to clean stainless steel bathroom stalls at least once a week — or more often if your bathroom stalls experience high volumes of traffic. Keeping your stainless steel bathroom stalls clean is important both for stopping the spread of harmful bacteria and leaving a good impression on visitors. In fact, many people won’t return to a business that has dirty bathroom stalls.

Keep in mind that when you’re performing a stainless steel bathroom stall cleaning, you should always use warm water and a mild detergent, although there are exceptions for certain stains. Avoid using acidic cleaners, bleach and alkali cleaners, as these can damage the stainless steel surface.

How Can I Remove Grease and Mineral Deposits From My Stainless Steel Bathroom Stalls?

Sometimes, simple soap and water won’t remove certain spots on your stainless steel bathroom partitions. If you have especially tough mineral deposits that have accumulated on your stainless steel stalls, you can spot treat them with an abrasive cleaner such as Ajax. For grease stains, try adding a solvent like kerosene to your normal water and detergent combo to remove these extra-tough marks.

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