Bathroom Panels

At One Point Partitions, we strive to bring our customers the most variety and the highest quality in American-made bathroom partitions. We understand that commercial restrooms have unique requirements, and we’re here to accommodate your needs for bathroom stall layout, material and color.

Looking for durable, affordable and customizable bathroom panel options? Look no further — we carry a diverse range of bathroom panel options that can be tailored to suit your spatial and aesthetic requirements. Learn more about choosing bathroom partition panels below!

What Are Bathroom Panels?

Bathroom panels are the large dividers that are used between and at the ends of stalls to provide privacy and support the partition structure. Secured by weldment areas along their sides, bathroom panels provide durable and easily maintainable barriers between individual bathroom stalls.

You can purchase bathroom panels in a wide range of dimensions and materials and personalize them to complement the appearance of your restroom or locker room.

Wall Partition Panel Material Options

We offer multiple wall partition panel material options for commercial building contractors to choose from. Different bathroom partitions have different advantages, so it’s up to you to determine which stall panels are right for your bathroom construction or renovation project.

Below are all of the wall partition materials we offer at One Point Partitions:

Powder-Coated Metal Panels

Our powder-coated metal panels feature a durable construction that’s easy to keep clean. This partition panel material includes a coat of ground resin and pigment that’s available in various neutral and bright color choices. We recommend this option for public and school restrooms due to its array of color options and easy maintenance.

Stainless Steel Panels

If you’re looking for a sleek design with nearly effortless cleaning and maintenance requirements, our stainless steel stall panels are ideal for you. These corrosion-resistant partition panels are also aesthetically versatile and work well in a wide range of facilities, including schools, offices and public restrooms.

Plastic Laminate Panels

Plastic laminate bathroom panels offer a value-packed combination of durability and aesthetic beauty. Available in an array of moisture tight color options, our plastic laminate partition panels feature a dense core made from particleboard material. These panels work well in most types of restroom environments.

Solid Plastic Panels

Solid plastic panels are excellent options for schools and gyms. Naturally water-resistant, plastic wall partition panels are easy to clean, durable and highly customizable, with many solid and textured color selections.

Solid Phenolic Partition Panels

Our phenolic washroom partition panels feature a phenolic core and various neutral and textured color sealant layers that keep out moisture and beautifully complement your restroom’s design scheme. Both strong and lightweight, this option is excellent for washrooms in offices and public spaces.

Customize Your Bathroom Panels With One Point Partitions

All of our wall partition panel options can be customized to fit the spatial needs and capacity requirements of your restrooms. Get in touch with our helpful team today for guidance in choosing the right type of wall partition panels for your needs — and don’t forget to utilize our free pricing tool for an accurate quote!