What Is a Toilet Partition Pilaster?

You probably know what a bathroom partition is — but have you ever heard of a toilet partition pilaster? Bathroom pilasters are the flat, pillar-like vertical partition materials that provide structural support for a wide range of restroom partition types. Toilet partition pilasters run from the floor to the tops of the doors and panels to stabilize the partitions, and they can vary in dimension depending on the partitions’ configuration.

Partition pilasters are typically located on both sides of the door to support the hinges. Most bathroom partition pilasters are either floor-mounted or head rail-braced. Floor-mounted pilasters can either reach the top of the partition doors and panels or go straight to the ceiling.

The type of pilaster used in a toilet partition depends on the partition’s structural requirements, but most bathroom partitions on the commercial market already come with suitable pilasters.

When Are Toilet Partition Pilasters Used?

Toilet pilasters are used in multi-person partitioned restrooms. If you’re installing partitioned restrooms in commercial spaces, school buildings or recreational facilities, you’re going to need proper toilet partition pilasters that ensure the partitions’ structural integrity.

Partition pilasters are also used to support showers in locker rooms and similar areas. Whatever the partitioned space, you need sturdy pilasters that fit your partition configuration perfectly.

What Are Some Toilet Pilaster Material Options?

Toilet pilaster materials are as diverse as bathroom partition options themselves. You can typically find bathroom partition pilasters in the following material options:

  • Solid plastic pilasters: Sturdy pilasters designed to support solid plastic bathroom partition panels and doors — complete with color coordination options.
  • Stainless steel pilasters: An effortlessly maintainable pilaster type that can be paired with stainless steel partitions or any other partition type.
  • Plastic laminate pilasters: Laminate pilasters that go perfectly with laminate bathroom partitions and offer stable, aesthetically-pleasing support.
  • Powder-coated metal pilasters: A popular, durable option that can be customized to match the colors and dimensions of your powder-coated metal partitions.
  • Phenolic pilasters: Easily paired with phenolic bathroom partitions and made of sturdy compressed fiber and resin material — also highly color-customizable.

Learn more about the advantages of each pilaster and bathroom partition option here.

Can Bathroom Pilasters Be Customized?

The simple answer is — yes! Your bathroom pilasters can be customized to fit the dimensions and other construction specifications of your bathroom partitions. Better yet, One Point Partitions makes this pairing process as simple as possible. Once you choose your bathroom partition materials and colors, our team can tell you which types of pilaster materials and configurations are best suited for your partition requirements.

Most of our pilaster partition options can be tailored to the exact dimensional requirements of your partition setup, which is essential to maximum stability and partition longevity.

Order Your Pilasters and Bathroom Partitions From One Point Partitions

If you’re looking for top-quality, American-made bathroom partitions that you can tailor to your exact needs, you’ve come to the right place. One Point Partitions offers a wide range of durable partition options at an affordable price point you won’t find anywhere else. Request a free quote today!